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Straight hair!


I have read that quite a few of you ladies have moaned about their hair going curly on steroids...why o why has’nt mine! In fact its gone straighter than ever! I would have accepted steroids if I had gone curly! Also another gripe...I have been fortunate to have never suffered with pimples (except the odd one on the end of my nose when a function was coming up)! Now I get them on my chin on my cheeks. Oh well at least I wake up every morning....well sort of!

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I was the only one of five sisters to have straight hair. Two are very curly, the other two I'd describe as wavy. My hair is now definitely wavy and veers towards the very curly after I wash it. This is nice in a way, but unfortunately it is also very dry and difficult to style or control. Sometimes I look like a cross between Worzel Gummidge and Boris Johnson (only as far as my hair is concerned of course!) By the way I thought it was the methotrexate that made my hair curl but, as many others with the same experience aren't taking meth, it must be the pred that did it.

Know the feeling!


Luck of the draw I suppose. Or not ...

The chin area spots are pred-induced acne - bit of a b*&&^$ at our age. Or is it second teenagerhood????????????

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Not sure I liked being a teenager then though

Oh, that is so not fair, I want my straight hair back again. What is growing looks like ringlets and Goldilocks I ain't.;-)

I said in a post a while back that the only good thing about pred was that my feet were super soft, no hard skin anywhere.

Enjoy curly!

I've got no choice I suppose.;-)

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Really? You’re lucky x

I am thrilled to bits my hair has gone curly. Initially when I started pred it became like a haystack and very dry but on lower doses of pred it has improved but is still curly. I have always wanted curly hair.

That has been my lifelong wish’ my three sisters had tight curly dark brown hair ! Me dead straight and ginger...although I secretly liked being a redhead lol

My hair has changed since pred but no curls. It is thinner and not as shiny as it used to be but straight as a poker 😏 using extra mousse to style it on days I can lift the hairdryer maybe affects the shine.

Husband's hair hasn't gone curly and he has sort of pimples back,chest and upper arms.

My hair is now very dry and has thinned so I have stopped colouring it (gulp!!), don't wash it as often, and got a sensible cut that seems to help. I was very fearful of this pred side effect however my hairdresser provides moisturizing treatments, and washes my hair with a shampoo that takes out yellow tones so that my blonde is more platinum. When my natural grey/white grows out, it will be less noticeable. I have read that hair does grow back, but sometimes it doesn't look like it did before it fell out.

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I stopped colouring my hair as it was thinning out and I didn't want to upset it further but the grey is making it look as if I have bald patches so I'm going back to the bottle. My skin is the best it's ever been, it must be all the downy hair protecting it!

I'm waiting for pred to turn my hair strawberry blonde.

I have been on pred. for 16 yrs. In the last 4 or 5 years the back of my hair looks like a new perm. and the top back hair looks like I burned it. Hard to even brush it I can feel it braking . The front hair went so straight . Oh well I do have caps when I have to leave the house.

Funnily enough, I mentioned this to my fantastic hairdresser yesterday as my hair remains as straight as ever although can be a bit sticky outy at the sides. Not a good look. Apparently, steroids can cause damage to the hair so that when it grows back it's damaged which is what curly hair is!! I have a friend (?) who has very curly hair, she has never taken steroids as far as I know, but she loves flaunting her extremely curly hair especially at me!! I can't wait to speak to her again and tell her that her hair is actually damaged ...................... Oh joy!

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A lot of people who have cancer get curly hair because the follicles are damaged by chemo etc. My next door neighbour’s hair went very curly and in five years has not gone back to normal. It actually looks lovely. The quality of my hair was dreadful initially with pred very dry and unmanageable. It had been very greasy, fine and straight! It has improved at lower doses thank goodness.

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