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Women and heart attacks - 'Unequal Care' research:

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Hello Everyone

Not a 'jolly' subject but one we all need to be very aware of - this is from a UK study but in Australia we have had similar findings. This is the kind of 'discrimination' we can do without ...

Misdiagnoses and no diagnoses - clearly a shocking exemplar of 'UNEQUAL CARE" of women cf. men - resulting in a much greater death rate of women from heart attacks:

'Scientists at the University of Leeds found that women in the UK had more than double the median rate of death than men in the 30 days after heart attacks. Their findings revealed that 5.2% of women died in the same period after a heart attack, compared with only 2.3% of men, representing a 2.26-fold increase in relative risk of death ...'


Best wishes (no smiles)


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Thanks for posting Rimmy. I haven’t read the attachment yet but I know that our heart attacks can present very differently, sometimes with a stomach ache. I was checked for that when I had an Oesophageal spasm. It is concerning. As is the profile of Prostate cancer compared to Breast cancer, to be fair.

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Bronni in reply to SheffieldJane

Nice chatting the other night. I actually took my photo down as I get paranoid about putting pics of the children online and don’t need a scolding from my daughter 😬. Hope you’re ready for tomorrow? Enjoy!

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SheffieldJane in reply to Bronni

I don’t know how to do that. I de-activated my Facebook because one of my daughters minded photos. Not Ruby’s mummy though.

It was nice Bronni I love the global communication and love we achieve here.

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Bronni in reply to SheffieldJane

Absolutely! As for deleting, under your pic it says “reply, like, follow & more”. Tap more and you can delete 👍

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Telian in reply to SheffieldJane

Hubby's heart attach was from a stomach ache. They say women don't always know they've had one, if they survive that is. My sister, the one waiting for open heart surgery, apparently had a heart attack in Barnsley town centre. She caught the bus home after paramedics said initial findings were 'nothing wrong' but would have liked her to go to hospital - she refused as the ambulance was going to be a 2 hour wait but did go to her GP as obviously she wanted to know why she'd collapsed, and the rest is history as they say.

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SheffieldJane in reply to Telian

Gosh a sobering story. The sister we met at the members event?

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Telian in reply to SheffieldJane

No - but she has an enlarged heart she never knew about, just one day she saw a locum doctor and wasn't happy with something and ordered tests... she seems to be okay - doesn't stop her in anyway - has annual echo-cardiograms.

That sucks! The article actually indicates lack of diagnostic tests post MI as one of the main reasons. I always thought it had something to do with women having smaller arteries, but it seems that testing like angiography etc. is offered more frequently to men!

Saw this on our local news, not good.

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Note the comment in the last paragraph - granted older but with more comordibities such as diabetes and hypertension. So the poorer diagnosis and care probably goes further back. Is it that women don't go to the GP in the first place because they are dismissed as making a fuss?

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Rimmy in reply to PMRpro

Very likely PMRpro- as women seem to have been regarded by 'some' medicos as 'unreliable' sources of the 'truth' even about themselves. Although the medical profession is certainly improving in many areas older patriarchal attitudes haven't completely disappeared as yet and a lot of women still have hesitancy when confronted with something less than empathic attitudes and an incapacity to listen to experiences which might sound idiosyncratic or even 'imagined' by some doctors. Add to this the fact that many women are so used to focusing on the needs and well-being of others they often put their own health 'last'. Hopefully education will gradually ameliorate and eventually diminish all these issues which as you suggest may have long histories for some women and result in really serious problems in the end - just a shame it is taking 'so long' !!


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SheffieldJane in reply to Rimmy

That is so true.

Wow! Totally unacceptable!!!!

Yes Melissa absolutely whatever the 'reasons' but I am inclined to think that as i said to PMRpro women are somehow still (often) regarded by the medical profession as not accurate sources of 'truth' and a wee bit inclined to 'imagined' even contrived conditions. Thing is women kind of 'know' they are often suspected as being a wee bit 'off with the pixies' and think themselves 'maybe I am 'imagining' all this' and just repress any concerns. Those who have a good relationship with an intelligent, receptive and empathic (non-sexist) doctor will do better of course but many of the authoritarian and patriarchal attitudes still remain - I have experienced them myself not so long ago from a doctor my own age who should have known much 'better' !!


I suffered a heart attack 5 weeks ago. My hubby had a seizure at home, the first one ever, it was very scary. I called an ambulance and got him to hospital. On the way there I started to feel uncomfortable as if I had been punched in the chest. I mentioned it to the nurse at the hospital and they admitted me as well. OH was well enough the next day to go home, my lovely sister had him for a week while I was in hospital, and our good neighbours looked after our cat, bless them.

I had excellent care at RUH Bath, even had a private room. I had numerous tests, angiogram, ultrasound, blood tests, X-rays etc, diagnosis was Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, or Broken Heart Syndrome, caused by the shock of OH's attack. It affects about 2,500 people a year in UK. I am now on several more pills, including statins, and told to take it easy for 6 weeks. I have been trying to find a cleaner to come in and do the vacuuming and clean kitchen and bathroom, have phoned 3, no reply from 2 and the 3rd wanted £66/hr for 2 cleaners (they only work in pairs), no thank you! We are managing between us, hubby does the vacuuming and I flick the feather duster around. Quiet Xmas this year, 3 for Xmas lunch. Non-alcoholic wine or beer as I will have to do some driving. Back to hospital next month for check up. Looking into hubby getting attendance allowance.

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Rosbud in reply to Marcy47

Have you tried the Red Cross for someone to help with the heavy cleaning , my neighbour has just come out of hospital and they are doing her ironing and vacuuming and all free of charge?

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Marcy47 in reply to Rosbud

Thankyou for your reply Rosbud, I will give them a call x

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Marcy47

Dear lord - rip-off Britain in all its glory!

Do hope you get well soon - but don't hurry back to the cleaning, Believe me, it takes the same effort each time to clean once a week as every day!

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Rimmy in reply to Marcy47

So sorry to hear that Marcimay - and yes as PMRpro says try not to worry too much about cleaning. Having a quiet Xmas sounds like a good idea.

Best wishes


I am so sorry that you went through all this Marcimay. Wishing you a peaceful, love filled Christmas.

Thank you for your kind message. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Xmas and a Peaceful 2019.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Marcy47

And as for vacuuming - I LOVE my iRobot and it wll last a lot longer than the 4 hours of cleaning a similar amount would pay for with that lot! You don't need the expensive version - the basic one cleans the floor just as well.

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Constance13 in reply to PMRpro

I presume you don’t have carpets or plants on the floor!

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Constance13

I have a Persian-style rug - probably good quality given the original price but it cost me 10 euros when the shop downstairs relocated their stock! I never cease to be amazed how much brighter it looks when the Roomba has done its stuff! It works its way around plant pots and deep things and under the sofa. I move the 2 Ikea chairs that have a wooden frame as it does get stuck on them at times - balancing on the frame with its wheels spinning off the floor! If it is in a room with fixed furniture I shut the door and leave it to get on with it. In the living room I usually set the dining chairs to corrall it to one half of the room and let it run, then swop it to the other half, which means I can rescue it if necessary.

Thanks for posting this Rimmy,we all need to be on our guard and make sure we are listened to ,not just for heart problems but PMR / GCA can often be missed by doctors ,and cancer too can be misdiagnosed.

I wish Marcimay and her husband a speedy recovery .

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