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Pain between shoulder blades


Hi again ,

I’m posting this because my GP doesn’t seem as concerned as me, he says that my pain is probably unconnected nerve issues....... ? I have been getting pain between my shoulder blades ( it went away on the higher steroid dosage , but reappeared now down to 12.5 mg)

It’s not unbearable, but I’m concerned .

Is it muscle issues ? I still have to do physical work, although I wish I didn’t have to . Everything is such a struggle since having PMR.

Is it PMR or someth8ng else . It Is alleviated a bit with painkillers .

Any advice is appreciated, ta

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Have you considered visiting a chiropracteur? Could possibly give you some valuable info.

I should definitely go down that route I think , thanks

I have a poor opinion of chiropractors. You need to be very careful that the manipulations they do don't cause damage to PMR-weakened muscles and ligaments, etc. I prefer the approach of a physiotherapist which is to provide more gentle treatment of the body and to give the patient exercises (unfortunately usually crashingly boring) which help correct various imbalances in the muscles which can exacerbate problems.

Nuff1 in reply to HeronNS

Husband (and I) hav found McTimoney Chiro to be particularly gentle and and a provide rof exercise insruction: can't say that Physio is more gentle at all.

HeronNS in reply to Nuff1

I guess I'm prejudiced because my father was a GP and he was forever having to patch up patients who had been injured by chiropractors. But there are variations in every profession. No point, here, promoting any particular group as we live all over the world!

Thanks HeronNS , I do think it’s muscle pain as it’s worse after doing physical work ( brushing up and raking leaves etc ) .i should practice my yoga more, that may help ..

Hi, at moment I'm suffering similarly - feels like a heavy weight pressing down along my shoulders and across neck and really bad on waking in the morning. Not same as pmr pain. My gp immediately recognised that my muscles were very "knotted" and has sent me for physio. I'm thinking though that I might try Bowen therapy as that is said to be gentle.

I've never tried a chiropracter but have a friend who did, for back problems. Her practitioner seems to have been very heavy-handed, made it worse and she had to have prolonged remedial physio. Wouldn't try it personally.


I would suspect the possibility of myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) issues - spasmed muscles trap nerves and both the tight muscles and the pinched nerves hurt. That's what causes my pain between the shoulder blades, and it improves with higher doses of pred and sometimes returns at lower doses.

Like some of the others I have had poor experiences of people using the label chiropractor - and you needed a bottomless purse too! Bowen did help a lot - as did Pilates and Iyengha yoga. Now I love my physiotherapist and her manual mobilisation of the MPS trigger points!

scubadiver in reply to PMRpro

thank you PMRpro that answers my ? also. However, I am finding that I have all aches and pains still mid- morning and returns at night, fighting the dreams etc, I am at 13mg ,have I learnt under you pupillage that I should add 2mg and see if that helps-what say you please,John.-ps I have started swimming again last few Fridays. @ 11am- try to be gentle with it , do feel good in the water though...………..

PMRproAmbassador in reply to scubadiver

Is it "just" the PMR John? Have you discussed it with your doctor?

Thanks PMR pro I’ll read up on that .

Telian in reply to PMRpro

...and I'm getting on well with Tai Chi, after the debacle with aquarobics...

Try MPS trigger point therapy, brilliant for my aches and pains

I see a chiropractor who is very aware of my problems and does trigger point therapy and massages. I feel wonderful afterwards. He doesn't ever crack my bones and is always gentle. I have got it in my notes that he never cracks my neck as I have heard tales of that. I was treated by a lady chiropractor before and I used to really ache afterwards though. I have been treated by physiotherapists who can be quite tough and once I came limping out after treatment and had to go to my chiropractor to be put right.

I have a back and legs massage when I can afford it, particularly when I am reducing and getting stiffness and aches, I find it really helpful. I had to shop around a bit until I found the perfect person for my muscles, sports and Thai are too rough. Plus the hour in the warm scented environment de-stresses me for at least a week. I think it helps reduce the need for pain tablets.

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