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Sharp shoulder pain


HI all

Sorry another quest (I seem to have so many!), been suffering a flare, doc has put me back up to 20mgs Preds, had got down to 16mg - (have PMR?CGA), because of increased knee, groin and joint pain and tender temples.

So the Preds have helped however, this evening, I am having shooting pain in one of my shoulders - usually the pain is symmetrical but tonight it isnt? And rather than the whole area aching it is like a shooting sharp stab last for a couple of seconds, then goes completely, the back again in about 5 mins or so.

Can this happen with PMr or is it something else? - I feel I am turning into a complete hypochondriac! Frustrating ....

Thanks for any guidance on this .....

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Hello Lesley2015

Just to let you know you are not alone. I, too, get these stabbing pains. Sometimes in my feet, hands and other places. No good reason for them. They come and they go but not always in the same place!

Hopefully we may get some answers to it from our lovely experts on this forum.

Best wishes

Thanks Patricia - its a funny old illness - not funny ha ha! I keep getting new pains and aches - not sure what is related to the condition; the steroids and just getting older!!


I used to get that sort of pain in my hands early in PMR - they come back occasionally. It was probably tendonitis or synovitis - inflammation of tendons or the joint lining. It could be the start of bursitis in the shoulder.

If you have knee and groin pain are you sure it isn't possibly also trochanteric bursitis? That would respond better to a local injection of steroid rather than oral dosing. Although if you are displaying suggests of GCA you do also need a higher oral dose. Has that responded to 20mg?

lesley2015 in reply to PMRpro


Thank you, not sure what trochanteric bursitis is??

The GCA/Pain has responded but not completely, had a rough long day at work, couldn't concentrate or focus and could hardly see driving home - decision time for me - no support from my Management team so I have asked doctor to sign me off for a month to try and stabilise a bit - at the moment I am generally worse that I was 6 months ago so life change needed I think - or this journey is possibly going to be even longer than it should!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to lesley2015

Couldn't agree more - neither PMR nor GCA respond well to stress and if you are working it is difficult to pace yourself and rest. There is more to life than thrashing yourself for someone else's benefit.

I can sympathise with you. Two years ago I had bad shoulder pain which the doctor put down to a torn rotator cuff, possibly caused by tendons weakened by pred use. He gave me a steroid injection and it worked well. However, this weekend, I've had intermittent shooting pains in my upper arm, eventually extending into my shoulder, now settling down into a dull ache. If this doesn't go away I will ask for another injection. I hope your pain has an equally satisfactory solution.

Thanks Annodomini -

It is painful, but hope to avoid injections - not too keen on them !!

Mine is less frequent today - so fingers crossed.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to lesley2015

No-one really likes injections - but when they bring relief they aren't half so bad!

I am just a wooss!

HeronNS in reply to lesley2015

No you aren't. 😉🎶💕🎶

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