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Dear Melissa

We are taking advantage of being able to share our great delight and fascination on the much anticipated arrival of your FANTASTIC masks - which should really be referred to for their amazing quality as 'sculptures' !!

Imagine our excitement today at the PO collecting a large beautifully wrapped box (ex 'Fortnum and Mason') to open and find these stunning creations which must have taken you many many hours on those sleepless nights in the days of 'high doses' !! Ruth and I are also VERY impressed with your thoughtful description of the masks expressing a duality and interconnection all at the same time. Your also amazing card described so well how mine is the 'darker' one - me with the actual GCA. I really love it with my tongue rudely 'poked out' at the universe in some disgust for 'my' illness and Ruth - as my long 'suffering partner' by contrast the lighter and brighter of the two but still with a hint of 'sadness'. We really LOVE that you made both masks from the same mould and split them into the two faces - together but separate as we all inevitably must still be !

I especially like 'my' 'dial' eyes which look like they could be turned 'up or down' according to my mood (ha ha !!) and Ruth loves the dread-locked stand up hair (she actually has hair that dreadlocks sometimes - how did you guess !!?? The gold and blue shades with the pearly white face are also Ruth thinks rather Art Deco like and we love that particular style. And how did you ALSO 'know' that black and silver are really my favourite colours - I have naturally now silvery hair, and only ever wear silver jewellery - very often with 'black' !!

We have already decided to locate these in our most special room - our library- in a spot where they can always be appreciated for their great brilliance. We feel very privileged that you have been so generous with your time and effort as well as your creativity to actually have made these for US and gone to so much trouble with the postage and packing (we LOVE your 'sustainable packing BTW).

You mentioned in your wonderful card that SJ might be your next lucky recipient - boy is she in for a treat ......(just you wait SJ !!!)

One of the most rewarding things about ever having PMR/GCA has been this forum and all the wonderful people I have 'met' here. While I rant myself sometimes about the negative things associated with this digital age - here is some really tangible 'evidence' that our online interconnections can have inspiring outcomes - such as this one. Thank you so much Melissa for these unique and remarkable 'masks' which ironically have unmasked even more - your talent for imagination, creativity and friendship !!

Lots of Love


Della (Rimmy) and Ruth


PS. See my DM as well.

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Rimmy in reply to MamaBeagle

Yes 'WOW !! and the photo doesn't do them justice really they are quite large - easily fitting over my 'big' face and 'solid' - beautifully made with red linings !


Amazing....Stunning.... Well created Mel.

Rimmy in reply to Hidden

Yes truly marvellous Pepperdoggie - we are all so fortunate to have Melissa 'here' - a great writer AND now artist !!

Hidden in reply to Hidden

Thanks PD.


My Dear Rimmy, I have YOU to thank (along with some other very special people on this site) for supporting me and encouraging me to explore and embrace my creative side! By allowing "She Who Shant be Named" to emerge and roam free on those 80,70,60 mg Pred, sleepless nights, I discovered a new "Melissa." who didn't need EVERY question asked and answered, and didn't need to analyse everything to the 100th degree! A Melissa who could just flow towards... whatever! How liberating! Thank YOU for helping to teach me how to do that!

I love, love, love that my symbolism resonates with you and Ruth and that (oddly) I have somehow managed to touch on things that you like/enjoy, i.e. black & silver (two of MY favourite colour combinations) the Art Deco comparison and Ruth's Dreads!!!! How freaky, huh?

I can't believe you will show them in your library!!!! Wow! I am flattered. As I mentioned I thought they might help to keep the birds away from the fruit in the orchard!!!

I am so happy they arrived... and I am even happy and thrilled that you both like them.

Lots of love flowing right back at ya!



Rimmy in reply to Hidden

What a 'LOVE' fest ha ha !!! - so much pleasure coming from what were your 'sleepless nights' but I am SURE this aspect of your artistic talent was just itching to 'escape' and now 'she' is 'out' just WHAT might happen next .... !! ?

Thanks again Melissa !!



"...just WHAT might happen next, " INDEED???? 🤔

How wonderful, how talented Melissa is too!

Hidden in reply to Louisepenygraig

Hmmmm? Not sure about that, but thank you....

And it will go straight into the poolroom😂. It is amazing what emerges when our creativity has space to grow. Another plus for stepping out of the rat race. I literally cannot wait Meliss! ( reference to the Australian movie “ The Castle” all treasures went to the poolroom - v. Funny film.

Hidden in reply to SheffieldJane

Time will only tell if my creative streak is intact, or NOT! Your's may end up in the garden, scaring away the crows!

SheffieldJane in reply to Hidden

It will be more dynamic than me then! 😑

They are amazing- So symbolic and creative- Well done!

Wonderfully creative!

Hidden in reply to Purple-Owl

Thank you!

Very impressive!

They really are quite fabulous. Melissa is very talented!

Hidden in reply to Bamber99

Thank you!

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