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Even a top consultant has problems


In June this year I went to see the top endocrine consultant in our local hospital. He had diagnosed an adenoma on my left adrenal gland, and after having had some tests to ascertain wether or not it was malignant he decided that it wasn’t and all was well. However he said that he had noticed that the adrenal artery on that side was very narrow. He ordered a Doppler scan. I got an appointment in due course for an ultra sound but when I attended, they said that they were scanning my kidneys. I told them that this was incorrect and it was supposed to be the artery. They still went ahead though and scanned the kidneys.

Long story short, I am still waiting for the proper scan and after I lost my rag on his secretarys’ answer phone,( 4th phone call) she got back to me and said that I had got lost in the system. Today, I got a letter from the consultant saying that he had ordered the correct scan TWICE to, his words “ no avail”, and is now referring me to a nephrologist!! How long will I have to keep worrying? Another 6 months!!

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Oh how frustrating Suet, we have to wait long enough for these Scans without them doing the wrong area!.....

Hope they don’t keep you waiting too long!

MrsN x

Suet3942 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Mrs N. x

Very frustrating indeed- I hope they get you scheduled quickly!

Suet3942 in reply to Mks9558

Thank you. Me too.

That is absolutely bizzare Sue and potentially dangerous for your health. I do think that a formal complaint should be made, it is simply not good enough. Why is the Consultant referring you to another specialist at this stage? A kidney specialist.

Not good enough!! The consultant should not just shrug his shoulders and cast you adrift on a rudderless ship. A mistake was made and needs to be rectified by somebody. A narrowing of the artery could mean your kidney is not getting enough blood supply putting you at risk of renal damage, they went to Med school surely. There are autoimmune conditions amongst other things that do this. Has anyone done a blood test for ANCA’s? I’d say this is one you need to fight, ideally with a GP backing you up. The Endocrinologist could easily have picked up the phone and got advice from a Neph’ instead of throwing you back in the pool.

Yes I will contact my gp Jane. And complain to PALS.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Suet3942

You may well need to go beyond PALS - someone wrote about their lack of bite recently.

What I don't quite get is who is to refer you to the nephrologist? There are no sideways referrals between consultants these days, they were stopped some time ago. The referral is batted back to the GP. If it is, he needs to use the word emergency.

Valnvaughan in reply to Suet3942

PALS do NOT take complaints. They advise you re complaining to your consultant.

Also agree with PMRpro above. Referrals have to come from GPS officially.


Unbelievable Sue but it happens, make sure you let PALS know - we all need reminders no matter how good we know our job - signs of stress or what - who knows -that's why it needs to be highlighted,. Best Wishes x

Suet3942 in reply to Telian

Hi Telian. I am on the case . Thanks

BonnyQuine in reply to Suet3942

Oh dear! Hadn't even read his own notes, had he.

This must've been pretty stressful for you. Trust you get it sorted out before much longer, and that all will be well ASAP.

Hugs + Best of luck.

Suet3942 in reply to BonnyQuine

Thank you Bonny. I’ve complained to PALS and they have opened a case.

Oh thats horrendous. Really wish you the best for a speedy scan!!!!

So sorry for the terrible treatment you have been receiving and I hope you have enough support to cope with the way it must be making you feel at the moment.

It's is unbelievable but sadly all too common.

May I suggest that you contact the Complaints Board and let them know about the situation.

Not just so that you will hopefully get a proper apology and swifter resolution of the situation.

But also so that the mistakes are on record.

I really believe now that it is only by all patients by passing internal Department or Surgery complaints procedures and making official complaints that build up a record of systematic issues in the Centres we visit that problems will become visible and be properly addressed.

Take care and I hope you get the right help soon.

Hi darling it sickens and enraged me to see you got treated so badly. I’m furious. You deserve so much better. How are you feeling? Any developments? Xxxxx

Morning (here) lovely Linda. I hope you are feeling a bit better than you were. I complained to PALS yesterday at the hospital I’m under and they have opened a case for me. The lady I spoke to was very helpful. I will keep you posted. Do you feel any better?

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