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I had a minor fall indoors about 6 months ago, and knocked my elbow, I presumed I had just bruised the bone but the pain continued and recently got more painful, GP sent me for an ex Ray showed I think! A small fracture obviously old now! He says I must see a orthopaedic specialist and should hear within 6 weeks, meanwhile I did not fancy having this pain and difficulty getting arms thru tops or any lifting hell if accidentally put pressure on elbow, suddenly I developed what looks like bruising around the joint! My rheumy who I saw on Wednesday said he doubts they will do anything? So what about me? The pain has not gone after all this time and got worse I wish I had asked more questions as to why? I have multiple fractures across my pelvis only discovered a short while ago as I have also been told I have osteporisis in my spine, has anyone got any info / knowledge into this situation, I'm tapering down on 6m but doing relatively well. Thanks everyone or anyone

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Oh God Jamie, that must have hurt so much. Your orthopaedic surgeon may have a completely different take on it. Can you urge your GP to try to get you seen sooner? I wonder if a physio could help? I expect that you are taking painkillers of the stronger variety. When I broke my shoulder it was the tendons around it that gave all the pain. A sling might help, if only as a reminder to you and others not to bump it.

So sorry that you are in so much pain,elbows are so sensitive and it is obviously very difficult dressing etc.,l hope that you will get some help very soon to ease the pain.let us know how you get on.

I know how you feel, its awful and the system leaves you to get on with it alone for months.

I too have fractures as a result of osteoporosis. Doctors in general become evasive when asked about pain relief etc. I have been prescribed codeine but the side effects get a bit much at doses that have any effect, now trying low dose pregabalin which seems to help. This was prescribed by top consultant for my headache which seems to be left over from the GCA, as an aside he said it would help my back!

The pain of PMR GCA for me is way less than the osteoporosis, but medics seem unable to do much about it. There has been talk of pain clinics but I suspect there is long waiting list.

Pregabalin is an antidepressant at higher doses but is for nerve pain at lower ones, I am wary of antidepressants but now am willing to try it as a pain reliever.

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