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Tightening around arms?


Hi all

I have GCA

recently I have been experiencing a feeling like having your blood pressure taken on the inside of both my arms , left arm more then right. On a visit to gp I mentioned it and was told poss muscle strain. Iv had it for weeks so I don’t think so. Has any one else experienced this?

I have also had scan done due to stomach pains, seems I have a fatty liver!! I’m relatively slim weigh about 9 stone, not diabetic & have a good diet, in line with not putting weight on while taking pred.

However I have been taking Methotrexate, !!!! I will be seeing Rheumatologist on 18 Oct

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How long have you been on mtx? It can cause fatty liver disease - which no doubt you are already aware of? And there isn't a lot of support for its use in GCA - except possibly maybe when started in the first month of treatment.

It isn't a complaint I've heard anyone make before. But do you have a good pulse - in both arms but especially the one that is worse? Was it there in the early days of the GCA diagnosis? What were your GCA symptoms?

Robert09 in reply to PMRpro

Thankyou for your reply,

my GCA symptoms were sever pain over right forhead, very load tinnitus in my head, I went to A&E was given pred 60 mg followed up by Gp and referred to Rheumatologist in June 2017. Then put on MYX in Sep 2017

No the arm thing has only been the last 3-4 weeks,

I have used my blood pressure machine. My pulse in R arm 72

L arm is75

When I had my scan recently it seems my gp was looking I think for Aorta aneurysms. But none was found.

I’m not to expert in medical things.but gp was happy .

My name is Pam

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Robert09

Have you mentioned the arm thing to the GP?

Robert09 in reply to PMRpro

Yes when I first had it, she said poss because I had be playing golf. However this was over3 weeks ago, I have not done anything since that could cause it.

It probably isn’t anything.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Robert09

With PMR your muscles do suffer more easily and then take much longer to recover.

I find pain in my left upper arm is almost constant.

Robert09 in reply to Shirley2

Hi Shirley

Do you have GCA, if so have you had the arm pain since taking medication? Pam

Hi Robert, I have both PMR/GCA (long term) and have had no experience of the symptoms in your arms you are mentioning. I also have a fatty liver, but consultant not concerned. I've tried MTX, not for long though, didn't agree with me. Hope consultant will clarify your issues, all the best Yvonne.

Hello Robert09, I know what you mean. With me it was from front to outer side only, both arms but not at the same time. As you said like having blood pressure done, except it feels like the person forgot to stop pumping it up.

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