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Cataract operationl

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I had one cataract done yesterday. I thought that I would have as little medication as possible so had no sedation or injection round the eye. I just had eye drops but it was really unpleasant.

I had been told by aquaintances that it would be no problem at all. Did other people on this forum with GCA have the sedation or injection? Perhaps I am just being a wimp but think that I will have some sedation next time!

Grateful for other experiences as I am feeling a bit disappointed in myself this morning. Many thanks.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Don’t be disappointed. It’s done now, and if you need a little sedation for next time - so be it!

We all react differently- personally mine was no problem - but I’m lucky I guess, not to mention being a tough old bird!

Just enjoy the better sight it brings.

Thank you for your very sensible reply.

I will have to build on being braver next time! At least I know what to expect and grateful to have been able to have it done.

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to jennifer15

First time around is always difficult, and yes I found it no problem, but it was weird! Plus I think we forget very easily perhaps how difficult it was at the time, so when discussing afterwards we gloss over the bad bits!

Ah, thanks for making me feel better about it.

Hi Jennifer, it is scary is'nt it, having an eye operation and feeling so vulnerable whilst you are *on the chair*. I was in a specialized clinic and there was the choice of having some sedation or not. I did not, since the body made some itself in this stressful situation. The second one was easier, having an idea what to expect. Please do what feels good for you, and hope it results in seeing sharper than you ever did.

Thank you for writing. Yes, I will be more prepared next time and not so blasé!

Is it more dangerous if you have the medication while taking steroids then?

No I would not think so.

I just thought that I did not need anything and am a bit sick of taking the medications for GCA.

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joat in reply to jennifer15

Had both cataracts done. Was not offered sedation, no problems but it was a little weird.

Good tip... Thanks!

For goodness sake Jennifer! It’s your precious eyes, don’t be hard on yourself. Thanks for the heads up. I would take everything that’s going without a qualm. I hope your eyesight is vastly improved and you forget all about your perfectly rational reaction.

Oh thanks, you are wonderful.

I will take your advice if I can have the other eye done.

I think that it is a bit like having a baby though, the memory is fading already and it doesn’t seem as though it was as bad as it seemed this morning!

No way was anyone going to come near my eyes without me being out cold.

Thanks for reassurance. Feeling better about it now but sedation is a good option.

Hi Jennifer,

I have had both steroid induced cataracts removed, the first in July 2017 in Winchester hospital and the second one week ago at a local private unit called Optegra, NHS referral.

Both were fine and painless but different.

I was not given sedation or offered the opportunity to take any.

During the first procedure I was repeatedly asked to keep looking at the light as I think my eye must have wandered a bit, for the second I had an injection in the theatre after all the drops etc.

I don't know what the injection did but I think it helped to keep my eye in the correct position and not move.

None of it hurt or was uncomfortable, however I think for you when it comes to your second procedure this might all come back and make you anxious. You have to have someone take you and drive you home so why not go for a little sedation to help you feel calm and have the injection.

Most importantly can you notice a difference at all?


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jennifer15 in reply to Judyliz

Dear Judyliz,

Thank you for your reply.

It was not painful but, as you say, I was told to keep looking at the light which I found very difficult as it was so bright that it was hard to relax the eye and not try to squint.

Everyone was very nice and it is over so that is the main thing. Early days to tell about improvement in sight but I look forward to that.

Sorry, I just wondered how others found it. I think I was a little too laid back about it as obviously it was a bit unpleasant.

As you say for the next one I think that I will take anything that I am offered!

Thanks again, Jenny

Hindsight is a wonderful thing! But you have certainly helped me and perhaps others as this is something I may have to look at soon ( excuse the pun!! Unintentional!) So for folk to put on here their experiences, good or bad is helpful. Thank you

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jennifer15 in reply to Jackoh

Oh thank you Jackoh,

I thought perhaps I sounded a bit pathetic. I certainly think that I should have accepted the injections as this would probably have made it easier.


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Jackoh in reply to jennifer15

Not pathetic at all x

I'm due to have mine done soon and I'm terrified!! I'll take anything they offer to make it pain free!

Hi, sorry I hope that I have not painted a bad picture. It was not painful at all I just found it more unpleasant than I expected. I think I was a bit naive and said no to injection and sedation and then found it unpleasant trying to look into the bright light and not try to sqint.

You will be fine as you are expecting it to be unpleasant so you will get a pleasant surprise.

Perhaps have the injection as this seems to be helpful and sensible.

Good luck, it will be fine, there is no pain at all. It is only two days ago and I have forgotten about it. Perhaps I should not have written the next morning, I just wondered what other peoples experiences were


Thanks for the encouragement Jenny! I'll try and keep it in mind!

Thank you for all the info. I am waiting to have mine done and the bit about the bright light will help me to relax if I get it, I will be ready for it lol

Thank you Berylholley.

Good luck.

Two cataract done now, all that was on offer was an injection to make the eye numbed, all I saw whilst having it done was lovely lights like a klidascope, no pain lots of reassurance, I truly didn't find the experience a bad one at all,and lovely to see so well after, I do believe they know best, what you need to make you comfortable,,so should go with what they want to do.

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jennifer15 in reply to VAl4266

Thank you. Will accept injection next time. My sight seems better already which is the main thing.


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karools16 in reply to VAl4266

Snap! That's exactly what I told the surgeon after the first op...that it was like looking at a kaleidoscope. Both done. No talk of sedation. Had local anaesthestic in eye and didn't know anything until over...20 mins. Nurse on hand throughout to hold hand so you don't move. Fantastic to see so well, and not wear glasses except for reading.No pain.

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