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My husband has the lingo down after 2 1/2 years!


We were outdoors at a memorial service over the weekend and in spite of shady tents it was very hot. We were next to a corn field and there was no breeze. After two hours my husband (who does not have pmr) turned to me and said if we don't get out of this heat I am going to have a flare! I laughed and said a flare of what? Maybe he was going to shoot off like a bottle rocket? But we now have a common language and he was telling me he was taking care of himself and the heat was getting to him. We left shortly there after ❤️

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That is so funny. I have never heard of that expression prior to this site. But of course I had never Heard of PMR 14 months ago.


Like it! Shows he's learnt something - and maybe it was his way of communicating that he understood this wasn't doing YOU any good.

bunnymom in reply to PMRpro

Yes. He sends me a text almost everyday to ask if I'm resting ❤️

He sounds lovely bunnymom xx

bunnymom in reply to Grants148

I appreciate him more everyday. I use to be very independent but now I need him it has been good for us...pmr

My OH thinks he’s getting PMR sometimes. 32 years doing everything together I expect, bless!

Poor guy I hope not. I would hate to be on the other side with my spouse

Ah, bless, maybe he was having sympathy pains!!;-)

Gave me a good giggle that!

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