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Shivers and Sweats

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Hi Everyone

Wondered if anyone is experiencing the shivers while on prednisone?

All last winter I had the shivers really bad with teeth banging together.

All summer I have had the sweats so bad they make me feel really bad. I started using an electrolyte during them and that helps a little with the sick feeling.

Now I am getting them both. Our temp has been dropping a bit thru the nite and I have had a few spells of shivers early morning. Then it gets hot during day and back come the sweats. I feel like a real yo yo going back and forth.

It all started 19 mos. ago when I was first diagnosed with pmr and put on 20 mg of prednisone. Now I am down to 11-12 mg and that has not changed this problem.

Thanks for all the great help you offer here


5 Replies
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I had the problem of a body thermostat that was broken all the way through PMR without pred - although mostly I was too hot. Then suddenly one winter I was cold - needed socks again! Now I'm mostly pretty warm - but early mornings I wake too warm and shortly afterwards I'm cold. Not as dramatic as you though.

The worst is being comfortable walking around the village and going into a shop - and then feeling as if I'm frying!!!

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I get the sweats (especially at night) when my pred dose is too low. It is the first sign for me that a flare is on the way.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Mary63

Yes - same for me. Morning sweats means I need a bit more pred! Then they go away :-)

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Purplecrow in reply to PMRpro

This is the first time I've seen mention of the

timing of sweats and pred dosing...illuminating, ...answers plenty questions😅

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My thermostat is completely bonkers on pred. I am usually hot except in the middle of the night when I get cold. Have to have a fan moving the air around me all the time.

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