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ideas please. Warfarin


Well its 4 weeks now since I came of Preds. Such a struggle to maintain a daily life. The side affects of Pred now gone which is a bonus but pain aching tiredness all there. I am on long term warfarin medication and I feel it played a big part in a clash with preds. Pain killers now to get out of bed in the morning I try to keep to half the dose. Question should I return to 1 or 2 mg of pred in order to go on a very expensive holiday I have paid for and get some enjoyment out of it? Any ideas?? Time with GP always too short . I go there as little as I can. I learnt how to control my own warfarin and prefer to try and control this PMR. myself. Has anyone any experience of this.

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I had no problem with a warfarin-type drug for about 3 years - and then the INR went mad. I was switched to a NOAC - far preferable!

Having gone back to the beginning - is as little as 1 or 2mg of pred going to be enough? You need enough to clear out the inflammation to get a lower baseline and then enough to wipe out each day of inflammation so it doesn't mount up. Very few of us would achieve that with such a low dose. I certainly wouldn't.

The only way to control PMR is by taking the dose of pred you need. Has no-one suggested changing the anti-coagulant? That was what I had to do to be able to be away from the doctor safely for more than a few days when my INR was uncontrollable.

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