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Skin cancer


Good morning everyone it’s me again forgot to let you know that I was going in yesterday to have something removed from my foot to check once again for skin cancer although doc thought it would turn out ok not the naughty one the benign one

So all done went well but a bit painful this morning I expect it will pass anyway nurse is due tomorrow for the other one so no problem and I got some plants lol

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I hope it turns out to be benign for you. Thanks for the warning. We must be vigilant about every part of us. X

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Good, glad to hear not cancerous.


My husband had a spot on his back that was removed last year as suspicious - all fine. Hope yours is too.

Rusty8 in reply to PMRpro

Thanks for your concern but this isn’t the first one had a couple that was naughty but on the whole they were benign so not going to worry to much about it as it’s been there for years and not normally been a problem just that I caught it on something took it of good o but it grew again so to be on safe side the doc is taken it of to have a look

All being well it won’t be a problem


Nellie1965 in reply to Rusty8

Hi Rusty8 and everyone,yes go get those spots, bumps,moles and indeed dry patches checked.I was referred to a dermatologist in November for persistent dry skin across my nose(about2years),a few different creams from GP but they didn't work,I wasn't bothered.October I told him it was really dry nothing will take it away.He referred me on,oh dear,early skin cancer.I think my stupidness in my youth ,thinking the more you burned the better.Coming from Irish parents,fair skin and freckles,I was stupid.GO GET THEM CHECKED.Hope you're all ok.xx

Thank you for the reminder. I've been procrastinating about having the dermatologist appointment where they go over the spots and dots on your whole body. But considering my fair skin and the burns I had in my long-ago youth...time to make that appointment.

Rusty8 in reply to SusanEleven

Yes Susan it is time I don’t know how old you are but whatever age you are go get it done girl im 72 and I believe all this started when I was 70 it seems everything started when I lost my hubby wether it was stress played a part p I don’t know but after a couple of falls I ended up not being able to walk ended up in hospital with pumonia can’t spell it lol and all sorts happened since then him skin horrible bruising on arm and legs

But as my best friend said you are alive lol so go get it done and please let me know

SusanEleven in reply to Rusty8

You inspired me to finally get the "spots and dots" on my skin checked from head to toe! I cried at the end of the appointment from the novelty of having a medical appointment where it was all good news --- nothing of concern to the dermatologist. She was lovely and said she was happy to be the good news doctor.

Rusty8 in reply to SusanEleven

I’m glad to hear all went well Susan

I’m still plodding on lolbut I’m fine

I hope a lot more people will take note and go and have a check up

Take care


Fingers crossed it was just a lump, bump, or wart!!!!!

Rusty8 in reply to Hidden

Or pimple 😂😂😂

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