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Mission Impossible


I sat in the Cinema and watched Tom Cruise yesterday

Not my choice as was my Sons turn to pick film

Mine next week Ant Man and Wasp Girl cant wait .

Well what can I say I was exhausted watching him do the imposable. leaping tall building ,running across the London skyline, Falling from helicopter and scaling a cliff in 2 minutes .

I came out totally exhausted, barely made it home Mostly due to Hypoglycaemia I think it was due to the amount of fudge I eat watching the film .

Chargrilled the Pizza well it was charred that was due to reading PMR/GCA post .

Promptly fall asleep for the rest of the evening .

Said to my Son tonight that I was going to cook dinner and he said Mission Impossible .

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LOL! (Your son) “Action” is a bit much. And I’m sure it was 10 X louder than usual. Pass. Enjoy the others :)

Sounds like a good time to me. Your diet sounds amazing 😉.

My highlight was having 4 men in my gardens, variously cutting down the undergrowth and pruning trees and bricklaying for next door. My gardens seem huge now and the robin has been glaring at me from the top of the Buddha statue’s head.

I wont be doing that again too much sugar

I expect your Garden looks lovely everything has grown so fast this year

I have cut the Wisteria 3 times this year.

Lots to do but no energy to do it at present

But never mind it can all wait a bit longer

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Not until I got pmr did I learn to put things off till another day. Now tomorrow is my favourite day of the week.

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PMR has given me something I never had and that's time to indulge myself

I have been going to hoover the upstairs landing since I finished work at 2,00pm still not done it.

Maybe tomorrow

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Yes tomorrow. I am quite surprised really how much I do get done. I have a notebook that each week write what I need to do each day. I really pace myself and move things on to the next if I need to. Nothing spectacular just daily life activity. My husband suggested I paint a table yesterday and I said never in a million years. Already have paint for several projects I haven't touched.

We saw it on Sunday with our grandsons, like you just watching it with all the car chases and helicopter smashes, came out exhausted!!

My husband and I thought we would go and see Mama Mia Here We Go Again next, more our scene!

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Loved Mama Mia here we go again

Bit disappointed that the singing wasn't as good but apart from that brilliant

Cant wait till its a Stage Musical

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