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Ooh that smarts!


So the visit yo the grandchildren is going really well and it was all a false alarm on the chickenpox issue, they’re fine. So what was supposed to be a nice leisurely lunch was going well until I went to bring the drinks out into the beer garden. Me 6’ 3” the door 5” 6” which resulted in a rather large gouge in the top of my head and a really sore neck. Still let’s look on the bright side I didn’t spill any of the drinks! I’ve been wearing a baseball cap more these days as being follically challenged the top of my head tends to burn. The down side is that baseball caps have a metal rivet in the centre which seems to slice through the skin. I think this is the third time in a year I’ve done the same thing, low doorways and sheds. Peelingvthe plaster of whilst giving myself a wax was very pleasant too😜

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O sorry Griggser, I like the story and you explain so clearly what happend that it seems like a movie in my head. Hope you recover soon though. You must have a big blue bump.


Oh No! Sounds very painful 🤕but well done on the saving of the drinks! 🥂🍻

Hope your head improves soon & great news it wasn’t the Chicken Pox!

Mrs N


Where has a door THAT low? Even my husband would have had a similar experience!

But as I say to OH - even lab rats learn by experience...

In our last house we had a door at about 5' 9'', barefoot it just brushed my hair. As I was usually barefoot I usually didn't think about it. Then came the day I wore shoes and still walked confidently through......! Ooh I can still feel it now!


OMG! Dude... get a different hat!!!!!!


PS Good on you for not spilling the drinks!

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I'm thinking these hats may be more appropriate lol.


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YES! I love it!!!!! ...and what woman doesn't love a man in a hard hat!!!!! ; )

I felt that Grigger! And there's me always wanting to be taller!! Excellent balance with the drinks!

Oh poor you Griggser,l am amazed that you managed not to spill the drinks! I hope you recover soon,l think you will have to navigate doorways more carefully in future.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


A man of your calibre should go for a panama methinks!

Good man on not spilling the drinks though!

Hey, Griggs, take your b-cap wardrobe to a tailor who will pop the rivets for you. The may even add a decorative stitch or two to take the ouch! out.

Dear Griggser,

Not quite the same but...A group, of us, were on a river cruise, some years ago now when I went down to make the tea. I placed all the dinks on a tray, and started to climb the stairs.....'WOL-LUP', I had completely forgotten to Duck Down- at the top of the stairs. I didn't spill the drinks either! I think that my hat took, a lot, of the impact, it certainly looked that way. So, you see, your not the only one to get a sore Noggin.

Happy days


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