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Overdid it and, boy, am I paying for it!


BEWARE windgy moan ahead -After having spent the last 18 or so months turning down outings with friends for fear of the repercussions on my body I have recently started going out more often which has worked out ok until now. My friend wanted to go and watch a county cricket match in a city about an hour from home for her birthday. Originally I declined the invite but later decided stuff it, if I don't go outside my comfort zone and push myself I'll may never know what I am capable of. Unfortunately, it seems a day out walking between trains and trams, around the cricket ground etc is far more than I am capable of doing and so today, 2 days on, everything hurts and I've had to call in sick to work. I'm so fed up and so annoyed with myself I could cry. Well at least I now know that a day out with what most people would consider a small amount of walking is still more than I can handle. Argh how I hate this condition

Moan over. Thanks for reading this

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I think most people underestimate how tiring even just sitting can be - especially watching cricket since the seats are hardly zero gravity recliners! And being out all day - allows no opportunity for recovery between times.

I'm not surprised, but don't let it put you off doing SOME things.

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I won't, I'm just going to have to keep on turning down the days out and just stick to the occassional meal out and such like. Hey ho, such is life

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Hi Purplegirl

I keep my outings with my friends to coffee, where there’s 6/8 of us, numbers vary, Lunches 3/4 of us & occasional afternoon tea again 3/4

I’m better in small groups & l’m finding travelling any distance more & more difficult as my legs/knees stiffen up but l also find it tiring!.......

Don’t give up, just think about it & keep it to half days.

Best Wishes

Mrs N 💅🏼

I sure can empathize with you. I have never done anything slow in my life.. but now this PMR just stops you in your tracks! It demands respect . I went to watch my little grandson play a ice hockey game.. he’s 5. I became so sleepy. I went out back of the ice rink .. laid my head on the picnic table. Took a 30 min nap .. woke up.. oh my gosh! What the ? Is going on!

Oh with you totally!!!!! I feel your pain and totally understand. I know other people don't have a clue and would think you were making it up. I went out on Friday to a concert and had to walk for ages when we came out - it was a lovely night and felt great at the time - but its now Tuesday and I can just about function!!! In work feeling like I've been drugged! Its going to take weeks to recover from it. I hope you feel better soon.

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You as well. Take it easy. I’m hearing from others it is definitely not a race. Right. Thank you!

Hi Purple girl.so sorry that you are suffering after going out with your friend,l hope that if you take it easy you will soon feel much better .l was out and about over the weekend and like you l am paying for it now.lt is hard for people to understand how this illness affects us,l try to explain that too much standing and walking makes my legs ache,but they just seem to dismiss it as though l am being a bit of a wimp! I wish you recovered soon and hope that there will be times when you can go out and not have to suffer for it afterwards.

I totally sympathize. I am constantly assessing what it is I can or cannot do. Especially with shifting degrees of tiredness. Good for you to at least try. Do not be hard on yourself. Just rest until you body recovers. It is a frustrating disease to be sure.

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