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Recently got latest lab work back ordered by rheumatologist. My RBC and H&H normal, but anisocytosis+1 was there; never have seen this blood test result before. Never heard of it. Rheumatologist did not comment, and I did not see it until I left his office. May be a side effect of prednisone or methotrexate which I stopped after the blood draw on his advice and hematologist's advice.

Means RBC are not evenly sized. And may herald iron deficiency anemia..or some underlying disorder more ominous. Anisocytosis+2 is more toublesome than +1 so I guess, I am lucky. On a prior test months ago, my ferritin was low. Anyone familiar with this test and its significance?

Monday, I see my GP, so will bring it up with him. I have seen a hematologist in consult, who happens to be a very sweet person, so I do have a hematologist on board.

I do feel weak. may also be related to paraesophageal hiatal hernia I have read somewhere.

Always in back of mind : 1 grandmother with PMR/GCA and 1 grandmother with leukemia in old age; grandmom with PMR recovered, got off Prednisone and lived until 92; other grandmother died a year or so after diagnosis at 73 ;of course, 45 years ago there wasn't the sophistication of treatment, and she opted to go home on morphine.

Hopefully, neither will apply too soon, but wondered if anisocytosis is familiar to any of you.

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It may be a lab anomaly too. Are you on any other drugs? Methotrexate for example?

Yes; at the time of blood draw, was on 15mg. once a week. Have stopped on advice of a new rheumatologist and a hematologist. Maybe it will not show up next blood test?

Thanks; read ; see GP Monday and will ask for follow up blood work. Also have a large paraesophageal hiatal hernia compressing left lower lung; have for sometime felt oxygen level not quite sufficient ; surgery usually not recommended for hernias b/c of high complication rates; don't know if impairing a lung; stated atelectasis on scan left lower lobe. Thanks again. And congratulations for the recognition you deserved.

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