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Curls/pred head


I had my hair cut yesterday for my sons wedding next week.It was very frizzy and dry😖I totally blame the Pred.I am a pred head,in more ways than one!!Today it isn't so frizzy but curly.Im sure it will be fine as long as it's not too hot in Somerset .

I have turned into such a worrier since Pmr,I'm worried about the journey,the accommodation,relatives,who to speak to at the wedding,what to say,even the hog roast 😖(I'm veggie.)

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Ditto all the worrying. Let’s hope that they have an array of interesting salads. My hair drinks up the conditioner and I use drops of leave in hair oil as well. I am quite enjoying my new curls.

Just smile a lot, that’s all people will remember. Scope some escape routes for rests. I found a lovely sofa away from all the noise where I could watch things, a waitress found me and brought me a cup of tea. I really know how to live! Allow yourself a tear for your baby boy.

I will be emotional but have got waterproof mascara ready!He is our youngest and is marrying a lovely girl ,so I am happy 😄

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi Sandradsn,

I’m sure the wedding will be lovely, with plenty to eat - I doubt very much if you’ll be the only person not partaking of the hog roast!

Just plan your journey as best you can, and then don’t worry about it, no point! I’m sure your accommodation will be fine, and as for relatives and people to talk to, just go with the flow (sometimes it’s easier to be a listener just nodding and smiling at the right time!) - a wedding is a happy time - so just enjoy!

As for hair, there are plenty of anti-frizz serums or creams about - John Frieda is a fave of mine - naturally curly and apt to frizz in heat!

Sandradsn in reply to DorsetLady

Anti frizz serum which is left in? I've got John Frieda shampoo and conditioner.

I'm a good listener and can nod a lot,I'm sure as you say it will be fine.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Sandradsn

Serum can be used on wet hair before styling, or a little on dry hair, just to “calm” things down! Use on ends and up the shaft a little way, but not on the roots otherwise it can look a bit greasy!

Celebrant in reply to DorsetLady

John Frieda -I too have naturally curly hair and this product line is all that keeps me from looking like I rode over on a broom on a very windy day.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to Celebrant

Know what you mean. My dear mother who was a hairdresser herself but had naturally straight hair (permed) used to say to me when mine got a bit unruly “your hair needs cutting, you look like an owl looking out of a holly bush”.

Where that came from I’ll never know, it flummoxed me then and still does 🤨.

I plan absolutely everything since I got PMR. My whole world is thought out in advance, really boring. It is just that I am a lot more limited in what I can do nowadays.

Sandradsn in reply to piglette

I left work 6 months ago and love it.I don't know how I coped with it there,way too stressful.I couldn't do it now,it's enough doing daily routines.I plan my days..walks,meet friend,coffee,crochet,sit in park,read,seaside,national trust visits...all exhausting but it's soooo much better than work(ps some days I do nothing..cos I can)😁

piglette in reply to Sandradsn

I carried on working but it was from home and I am a director of the company so did not have so much pressure. I have cut back though. I think I am a bit of a nerd as I plan everything on a spreadsheet!!

PMRproAmbassador in reply to piglette

So does OH - and it drives me mad! I can't cope with being restricted like that!

piglette in reply to PMRpro

Frightening really, I used to do things total spontaneously if offered, now I have to plan everything. I am not sure which is the real me!

Sandradsn in reply to PMRpro

I love post-it notes! all colours! I get through loads!


Yes, I can relate to that "worry" thing... I have always analysed things, but now I obsess about things that I have no control over! It will be fine once you get there.... maybe have a glass of wine (or 3!)

Sandradsn in reply to Hidden

Yes I obsess too,over and over in my mind🙄I get on my own nerves overthinking stuff🤔!

Hidden in reply to Sandradsn

*laughing* Yes I get on my own nerves too!!!! I hear myself actually saying, "Oh shut up." sometimes! : )

I have an international palate, but an Anglo-Saxon digestive system. So much of what is served at wedding receptions these days is just too highly spiced for me...even before Pred.

Si I order room service before the reception and have something nice and bland. Then I can nibble around some of the edges at the reception without paying too high a price later.

Oh, and for the hair. I made a mistake one morning and put the conditioner ion before the shampoo. I just washed it out with the shampoo, reapplied conditioner, and lo and behold, not a frizzy as usual. So I've been doing it ever since.

I think this is working because having the conditioner on before shampooing is somewhat protecting my hair from the harshness of the shampoo.

Or maybe it's just my imagination.

Sandradsn in reply to GOOD_GRIEF

Going to try it anyway,thank you Good-Grief

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to GOOD_GRIEF

Probably not your imagination - I can recall reading somewhere that it was suggested we do that.

But where, why or when - who knows! 🤨

HeronNS in reply to GOOD_GRIEF

When my hair gets very dry I massage olive oil through it and leave it in for at least half an hour before shampooing out. Usually keeps hair in good nick for quite a long time, through repeated washings. Lately I've been using combined shampoo + conditioner.

GOOD_GRIEF in reply to HeronNS

I did that a few times but then all I wanted to do was eat.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to GOOD_GRIEF

Just found this -

Delegate. Sit back and enjoy the worrying about hair, anything else, except enjoying the day.

I know what you mean about the worry. I have never really been much of a worrier most of my life. Now this turn around and I worry about everything. I hate it and trying to stop it. I have a strong faith and have always trusted in God who has control of everything.

My hair changed dramatically. From perfectly straight and a great condition to frizzy and wavy-curly. It is amazing what this condition and meds are doing to our bodies.

Have the best time possible at the wedding.

Take Care


Sandradsn in reply to Linny3

Thank you so much Linny3

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