Do you increase pred for 3 or 4 days when traveling?

I will be traveling 2 times zones (by plane) next month for my son's wedding. I recently took a business trip by train for 4 hours each way and even tho I tried to pace myself I came home absolutely shattered for 2 weeks. I went up on my pred 1 mg for 1 day and it helped. Should I plan to increase during the 4 days or increase when I get home or what do you all suggest? I will rest part of each day I hope. It is not so much pain as it is fatigue that gets to me. Thanks you experienced travelers!

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  • I'm very eager to see this response as I am doing a similar trip next week. Please keep in mind tho that your sons wedding will be emotional, and demanding, and draining. I wish I had listened and rested more at my daughters weekend wedding..l have big memory lapses... and I slept for a week after, and wasn't at my baseline for a few weeks!!!

  • Yes events take weeks to get back to where you were!

  • Hi bunnymom

    Are you in the US & are you flying forward or back & how long is your flight?

    I flew to Singapore which is about 8 hours forward from the UK & a 12/13hour flight. After speaking to my Consultant I added in an extra half a day's dose, I was on about 12mg at the time, so I had another 6mg half way through my new day. (I can check the dose when l get home)

    On the day my Son got married last year l was on 5mg & l took another 5mg around 4pm in the afternoon as l knew I'd never make it through the evening otherwise, there was a lot of traveling involved on the day before & from the Church to the Reception; l was fine but it did take it out of me, the following week, no question.

    Good Luck & Enjoy The Wedding

    Mrs N 💐

  • I will be going ahead 2 hours

  • If your going forward you should be OK travelling, how long is your flight?

  • PS l never adjust my Prednisolone when I fly to France to see our other Son, just one hour time difference.

  • About 6 hours all together I believe.

  • About 6 hours all together I believe.

  • Hi bunnymom,

    As Mrs Nails says a short time difference shouldn't make a lot of difference, I don't do anything extra on a flight from U.K. to Spain - 2 hours difference. A long haul flight with 8 or more hours difference would be a different kettle of fish.

    All I can say is try and get rest the day before flight, get your packing done early, and try and rest the day after.

    Get assistance at the airport, and whenever you can. It might be worth taking just a couple of extra mgs the day you travel and the wedding day, that's always more emotional and hectic than you think.

    But most of all - enjoy yourself, and if you feel a bit tired when you get home then just rest as much as you need to.

  • OH YES!! Ask for a wheelchair. They take you through everything fast, no pressure, no hauling bags around... you are able to really limit your exertion!!

  • 1 mg extra for 4 days is peanuts - if that is what it takes to feel good, do it.

    If it takes a bit more - do it.

  • I like the way you ladies think! Thanks!

  • I travelled east to west 12 hrs, back 6hrs in time terms for my sons wedding, 4 days before the event. I didn't alter my dose but only because I felt I didn't need to. It was hectic, emotional etc etc but also a very happy event, perhaps that helped! During the wedding I managed to find somewhere to put my feet up and get some peace and quiet before the evening do which I needed. Although I was tired afterwards I didn't have any increase in PMR symptoms, perhaps I was just lucky. Your previous experience was business this Is pleasure so it could be different. I wouldn't have had any hesitation in upping the dose if I had needed it. Have a wonderful time and I hope you are able enjoy every minute of your sons special day.

  • Thanks so much. Children getting married is so very emotional isn't it? Even when they are 33 and have lived on their own for years. I am feeling better today after upping my preds just a tad. Will take extra meds with me just in case. I have learned to be prepared and to rest when possible.

  • Ask for a wheelchair at the airport. I'm telling you it helps more than you can imagine

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