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Just looked at my last post where I let my Doctor talk me into having a Prolia injection. I am now due for the 2nd one and that will not be happening. Because of shifting, packing and being tired and half dead I didn’t research my options. After shifting the tiredness was unbearable, it’s only now that I looked at my results of bone scan and the diagnosis of osteoporosis has sunk in. It is devastating really as I always prided myself on my strong bones. Not any more. I have bought the book some on here have recommended for improving or at least not worsening my bones.

We had to stay in a air bnb for the last month as my husband had radiation for prostate cancer, the day we arrived I started limping. The lady we were staying with is a G P. She suggested I have a hip X-ray and oh joy, osteoarthritis in both hips, pain in the left one. Then to add insult to injury have been feeling larger and squashing into my clothes so bought some scales. Lovely. Have put on 7 kgs. So now need to lose 17kgs instead of 10. I will be 73 in a few weeks and always felt young for my age. How things can change. However I am very aware that it could be a lot worse. We will recover from this.

On a happier note, we love our gorgeous old period cottage and have had lots of tradesmen in painting, curtains and carpets. New timber bench tops in the kitchen and best of all a a rambling cottage garden full of roses. I have never had roses in winter before.

Now I am going to look up some diet ideas. Seems to be low carb is the way to go. Bad luck that I love carbs. Typical.

Thanks to everyone on this site for helpful advice.

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Hi Cheshy72 it’s good to have your presence again and hear the exciting news about your lovely new home. Send a picture if you can ( only as part of a new post otherwise it doesn’t work). I am sorry about the osteoarthritis diagnosis and the sneaky weight gain. I am only on 7 mgs but Pred seems to be having a last ditch attempt to blow me up ( like a balloon). I am being much stricter with my diet and already feel better and more in control. My blood sugar was high. It is a worrying time for you and your husband with your health problems and so much work still to do.

Roses are a joy, the weather has really suited mine , I’ve got one Rose bush with over 20 fragrant red roses on it, the best it has ever done.

Let’s hope you feel young and strong again before long. Delegate as many jobs as you can in the meantime.

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