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Should be up


I have a loving family albeit going through a divorce, a house sale and an appeal with DWP. Met an old friend today for lunch. She is on her second marriage. He is 10 year'so younger. Just made me think with lots of messages on here about other halves or HSMBO and it makes me feel alone. Maybe just a blip from me feeling a little down. But I am going to see 'Book Club' next week with a friend. Should be a laugh . Could do with another half to me again. 😃😄😢😴😤😨. X

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Know how you feel

but on the other hand I feel at present I don't have the energy to put into a relationship takes me all my time to cope with this illness myself .

Life is what you make it and although it is difficult some times to do or go places on your own their is so much out their to do.

I personally cant wait to retire next year .

So much planned and so much to do.

Have you thought of some voluntary work

We all have down days I had one yesterday but tomorrow is another day and I am sure you will feel better .

Moving is a big deal but look at it as a exciting new start to your life .

You will enjoy The Book Club

I cant wait to see the New Mamma Mia film out later this week

Take Care

You know you have plenty of friends here for you

morrison in reply to Rose54

Thank you. I know. Just having a blip.xx

Oh Morrison, I'm sorry you're feeling so down even though you are surrounded by family and friends! That empty feeling is so hard and no-one will even think how you might be feeling unless you tell them. You're going through a very tough time and I think a blip is to be expected. I also think you are doing very well just by the fact you post on here - some people would hibernate completely when feeling down - plus you're looking forward to the movies with your friend, it might not feel like it but it's another positive. 'Another half to you again' will only happen when it's meant to happen. Maybe someone will share their popcorn with you at the pictures! I'm a great believer and hope you can be too.

Sending virtual hugs :) :) :)

Thank you so much. I am normally on the other side giving advice. This is the hardest thing to accept it. 😊xx

I know how you feel Morrison,l miss my husband,l am not used to living on my own .l belong to the WI,and also have support from friends at my church,the winter was much worse,at least it is much better now that the evenings are lighter.l hope you enjoy ‘ Book Club ‘ with your friend.


I too would love to have someone to share things with. My husband died in Nov 2015 after 54 years marriage and it has been hard to come to terms with being alone despite having a wonderful family (who unfortunately all live far away, Eng. Ireland and USA) and many friends in my village and church. When you are ill it can be quite scary being on your own but during the very bad winter weather I had friends and neighbours helping with shopping etc telephoning to see all was well. So blessed. I hope your move will help you and that you make friends too. God bless Rae

Thank you. I will get up. Do not worry. I am Scottish xx

I, on the other hand, have no desire to enter into a relationship after a divorce. I would never want to go thru that all over again! I love and value my privacy, have my many books, and no shortage of lectures or places to go here in Boston. (Alone) Look on the positive! :)

Facebook makes it possible to communicate with my 5 kids besides texting (they are mostly all so far away). But I don’t think they “get” an autoimmune illness that can wipe us out. I have priorities and after work & the gym have very little energy. Christmas is “Doctors without Borders” donations and no more trips to the Post Office, at least for a while. (Carrying heavy packages & fear of falling on ice is not an option.)

Cheer up. (I’m part Scottish too.) The hardest part after selling my house was not painting a wall or doorway for 14 years!!! But I now have a bright red Hall and I am thrilled! (Also replaced two light fixtures with Black wrought iron -one chandelier) Downsized 5 times & still working on it. And in Boston one can get a fine Pine table, sitting in the outside hall for a week, for free!

My mom was born in Roxbury and grew up in Quincy.

My mum was born in Greenock

Hi Morrison

As my lovely Irish dad used to. Say ‘whats meant for you won’t go by you’. When you are ready someone will come alone. If he turned up before you are ready would you recognise him? Have the patience to give him a chance? Your time is coming. Use this ‘you’ time to concentrate on where you are and what you want. As the saying goes, don’t look back you aren’t heading that way xx🌸

diplodocus in reply to Elaine-W

my grandma used to say " there's a lid for every pot" :-)

Elaine-W in reply to diplodocus

Another one is ‘for every old sock there’s an old shoe’. 😃

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi morrison,

You’ve been through a lot lately, no wonder you are feeling down. But life still goes on after divorce, or bereavement - which is even harder I can assure you as it wasn’t a joint decision!

You have to look to the future, and cliched as it is -take each day as it comes. Life will, and does get better. Although I’ll admit going places and making decisions on your own doesn’t come easy to start with.

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