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PMR and age, my reumy sais I'm too young

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I was diagnosed in dec -17 and getting on Pred was a total relief for me. I have been pain free since I started. I have now tapered from 30 to 10 mg.

2 weeks ago I had my first app with a reumy. He was absolutely certain that I don't have PMR due to my "young" age, I turn 48 this year.

I had several of the typical signs of PMR, pain in the right places, raised bloods and Pred helped in a couple of hours. He wants me off Pred by June, making a faster tapering than I think is wise.

I am scared but at the same time I hope he is right!

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Well - he MIGHT be right but on the other hand he's very likely talking rubbish. It is UNUSUAL in under 50s but not unheard of and ther eis plenty of stuff in the medical literature warning about that attitude which leads to cases being misdiagnosed.

Medicine doesn't work like that - no-one tells your immune system that it has to be 50 before it can turn on you and cause PMR. The international guidelines say "over 50", that isn't carved in stone.

There are different forms of PMR including, it is thought, a reactive form that often lasts a shorter time. Hopefully...

But when it all comes back as you reduce - what's he got in mind then?

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HeronNS in reply to PMRpro

Isn't there a disease with a Japanese-sounding name beginning with "t" (?) which is almost exactly like PMR but occurs in younger people? Is it treated the same way?

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to HeronNS

Takayasu's arteritis - histologically identical to GCA rather than PMR but affects lots of other organs too.

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1Purplecrow in reply to PMRpro

Holy Smoke PRMPro!!! Is there anything you dont know⁉️

Happy Easter, keep up the amazing stuff❣️ J

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to 1Purplecrow

Loads!!!! But Takayasu's is part of the GCA/PMR specialist subject...

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1Purplecrow in reply to PMRpro

So now We know! Carry on 🤓

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Pirnilla in reply to PMRpro

I am tapering 2,5 mg every second week from 12,5 to 0 and the plan is to be off Pred in June. As to the adrenal gland it is too fast a speed I think but I got a second opinion on it from my GP who sais that it should be fine.

I expect to reach some kind of level where my body either gives me my PMR pain back or takes me into problems with too fast tapering.

So far so good.

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PMRproAmbassador in reply to Pirnilla

One is left wonder how often the GP has had patients on moderate dose pred for more than 4 months - but you probably will be OK as far as your adrenal function is concerned after less than 6 months. If it is PMR that is another question altogether. Good luck.

What about people who go through menopause very early some in their 20-30s??? We are not all identical so whilst you may be too young to fit the profile data it's also not impossible. Let's hope you haven't got it and its something he can diagnose and treat.

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