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Quick update

I have not posted for a while,but just quick update,I was diagnosed with gca Jan 2017, started with 60mg of pred. It was 6 wks before my daughters wedding,it went so well. Then the struggle began reducing steroids which was a battle itself, hospital appointments blood tests, bone scan etc and the fatigue was unbelievable.trying to stay a wake battle in itself. But managed to battle on and it is nice to report from this week I am down to 1mg and got review at doctors next wk to see what medicines I can come off. I take cocktail for my gca but also have heart condition so feel if I walk people can hear me coming as I rattle. For all the people just starting the journey be brave and there is light at end of tunnel.and believe that the journey may be long but one step at a time.

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Your post has made my day! Thank you! ... and CONGRATULATIONS!


No wonder your reduction was a battle - so fast, so very fast!

But well done - hope it continues to go so well.


I was monitored by both my own doctor and specialist every step of the way. Phone calls usually fortnight from doctor and monthly check up from hospital. And both send me for tests for bone destiny test and regular blood tests. I have been incredibly lucky that both people who are keeping check on me have be supportive.even just after biopsy doc called to find out how I was doing. I still attend hospital for my heart but at minute feel great.


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