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Getting to the right level

Hi,I am Carole age 63 and have just joined, I was diagnosed with pmr last August and put on 20g of prednisone decreasing gradually, I went from 12 and 1/2g to 10g at the beginning of January and have all the sympton s back, I am struggling with pain, hot sweats and tiredness and as I can't get to see my doctor until next week i have upped my steroids back up to 12 and 1/2g and hoping i will feel better soon.

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Is the 12.5mg working better? Do you have any other symptoms besides the typical PMR ones? Maybe you need to try reducing in smaller steps from here - but don't try anything until you are as well as you were on 12.5mg before.



If you haven’t seen it already have a look at post I wrote for newcomers like you. Hopefully it will tell you things the doctor hasn’t and give you some idea of life with PMR



Thank you, this was very helpful.


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