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Double vision?-sort of..... Pmr sufferer 5 year started Pred at 20 mg

I have been very tired of late-pushing down to 9mg pred but because of Christmas have had to increase from 10.5 to 12. over last few days. Pushed myself to go swimming today, all ok -no pain -Bliss but found seeing the swim lanes double vision- both slanting to the left. Went home -I could not feel my feet. And promptly sat down and had a short deep sleep-woke and feel better. I took my pred at 7 after tea and digestive - small bowl of yogurt -another tea. and then rose. I do not now take Omeprazole ,then 30mg Lansoprazole -lately 15mg but it all passed thro' me and listening to all of you ,thank you, turned to Yogurt -Bliss. I am 81+ ,+ male. Comments appreciated. And important- All the Best in this New Year. John

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Scubadiver, have you had any more double vision? Not to alarm you, but I’ve been told, here in USA, that if ever I have double vision, I am to call the emergency advice line and or go to the ER. The concern is onset of GCA. While it is not common with low inflammatory markers I people on Pred for a longish time, it can develop. And you know it is important to seek advice and or act quickly.

I elected not to have the TA biopsy because of only a few suspicious symptoms on the onset of a very typical presentation of PMR. But my Rheumy watched me very closely those first few months. I went to ophthalmology several times too.


Thank you Hindags, your advice seems necessary action and heeded - it has not been repeated but............. . RUADH has it to the point. Mine is not tiles but same diff. lanes under the water. So far has not affected me anywhere else , I can still get to the kitchen sink to do the washing up!


I agree with Hindags John - you need to see your doctor and tell them about your double vision. Get it checked out.


Thank you PMRpro - well heeded, John


I have double vision, slanting to the left. Great fun when one is walking on tiled floors ! Also reading text set in columns...NO But as have lost central vision in the right eye, then dble vision not quite so bad as was - no longer have people with 4 arms, 4 legs, two faces and 4 eyes...or, have cars leaping out in front of me - now, that was scary ! Had to use prisms , press'ons, on my specs. All very tedious...

Also have numb feet - poor circulation. Now recovering from a thrombosis and pneumo embolism.

Can't invent the stuff that happens...!!

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Thank you Ruada, one raises a a point and there is always somebody worse of than you- feel for you. What do you actually suffer from and the treatment you received for the double vision


Hi back Scubadiver - Well, with the loss of central vision in the right eye - I still have peripheral vision, and colour, just no central, and poor depth of vision (which can be a bore !) and not a hope of even reading with the right eye, I basically do not have double vision any longer. Mine was bilateral double, so needed the two eyes. When really bad I had to close one eye to 'correct' the imbalance. Useful when facing an emergency.

Depth of vision is poor. Not as bad as it was initially as ones body 'compensates' but anything near by, I am careful to check, such as lifting a stemmed glass etc. Gardening, dead heading is a bit 'hit-an-miss', etc etc.

Treatment ? Nothing. Apart initially with the double vision, wearing press-on prisms on my specs, nothing at all. Was in a mind to get back to the UK to get checked out, but costs. Sigh. Now, too late. The retina damaged. Sight is lost. End of.

PAD / thrombosis - Yuck. Waiting to see the vascular techie for an Vascular Doppler Ultrasound, followed by a vascular surgeon. Can't walk far, too painful. Like dragging a lump of wood with a dead appendage on the end of it. That's the thrombosis and 'dead leg' claudication. On Warfarin with INR blood checks every few weeks. Anything amiss then rebalance the Warfarin to bloods ratio. Nothing further at the moment.

As for the 'How did it happen' - I would suggest too much sitting...at my computer. Ho-Hum. DVT : sitting syndrome as applies to aeroplanes and cars, etc !

Now I can't walk far and am back to sitting too much... Hmmmmm

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