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Amitriptyline. Anyone like or dislike?

Can’t quite make my mind up.

It certainly did the job carmine my bladder.

From going every 30 min at its worst after tea. Now I can go hours in between going to the loo.

My bladder was shrunken,and I had intertestrial cystitis.

But the doctor said it would work in time.

I kicked it into touch twice as didn’t like it made me feel heady,woozy etc. But not sure why when back to it,then bingo it worked. I couldn’t believe volumes I reached from a egg cup full

When I told Doctor he just said ‘too much’

Also the un curable Cystitis. ( Intertestral)

But also a good sedative,helps sleep and some take it for atheists pains. But some say it’s an awful dug 😱🙄 it does take some getting used to I go on it and off it 🤔😳

That’s it ???

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1 have been on it to aid spasm for many years. It does help me sleep and even though very low dosage I noticed when I ran out of pills. Biiiig withdrawal. But they still work great for me and over years (15 yrs minimuml) I have put the dose up from 10mg to 40mg now. That is still low as for psychological treatment it would be around 200mg. It's one of drugs I am happy to stay on.


Oh I always take before bed. But if my bad spasms I will take 20mg to ease it. Don't take this for PMR but for fibro and chronic pain. Prescribed by pain clinic.

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prior to recent PMR diagnosis, I struggled with bladder (7.5mg of Darifenacin helps for this although I still had to visit loo during night a couple of times). Taking steroids led to a few weeks of limited sleep (two hours at worst). Reading on this site led me to email my Dr in the middle of one desperate night, and amitriptilyne prescribed - one tablet has meant I have started to get up to five/six hours of sleep before the trip to the loo! For me this has made a huge difference to my wellbeing and, I like to think, recovery. Hope this helps. (i am also on 25mg pred and still take the Darifenacin).

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Hi Ronzy,

I take 10mg Amitriptyline at night for Sciatic pain, it helps me sleep. I've not noticed any effect on my bladder, could use some help there, how much were you taking for that?



Hi Marci may

The doctor prescribed 10 to 20 a day

I think I took 20 for a while. That is still a low dose try it for a while. How long have you been taking it. Because is is slow to kick in.



Hi ronzy

As above I have been on it a long time. When I was at 20mg a few years ago I forgot to include on repeat Prescription and had 6 days detox which was not pleasant. But I must say by day 2 back on it it seemed to be working as stopped all withdrawal. But I suppose like many drugs of it s ilk it might take slightly longer to start working. Main side effects for me are dry mouth and sometimes bluish tinge to urine. Some makes have more blue dye than others. Slightly lilac hue now new pill added. It's all part of the fun!


I have been having the same bladder condition but I am natural sleep pills my daughter gets me from Spain and these help me sleep my GP gave me antrypylene which make me tired etc., all day, so I gave up on them, but I'm now considering giving them another try if it helps this continuous dart to the bathroom all the time it certainly helps getting info from all on the forum thanks


Yes do Jamei that is one of the things they are for.

But as the doctor said it does take a while for them to kick in

The max dose of them is massive because I said to my doctor I don’t know how the people taking those doses cope they must be like zombies..😲 his answer was we are all different 👍. What I am getting round to is adgust the dose to sute you at one time l was tacking just half. Now sometimes take one then miss one or too it seems to stay in the system a long while. But believe me I was very bad at its worst six and seven times a night. I dare not go on a bus for half an hour.

I will tell you a secret in all my trouser pockets I had ab hole so I could use a bottle.

That was a god send around town on my holiday s

So I say go for it be flexible.

Best of luck 🍀🍀🍀🍀


I am a bit late with this Ronzy for various reasons but am catching up with Posts now. Your bladder problem sounds exactly like mine and I suspected that my bladder had shrunk and couldn't hold the capacity with having to drink loads of water. How was incurable cystitis (intertestral) diagnosed? I want to mention it to my Doctor next week. Thanks Dorothy. PS I hope that this New Year has a better outcome for you and me as I have had one infection after another during 2017 and can't wait for better times. 🙂

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Thanks for those kind thoughts Dot,

My best wishes to you.

My problem all started after prostatectomy. The urologist diagnosed my problems.

I didn’t think in a million years my bladder would be back to normal one day. I used to go in for bladder stretching 😱 a few time. They did it under anaesthetic 😬 so there was no doubt about shrunken. That type cystitis does not respond to antibiotic.

Must tell you all this. One of the time I got an kidney infection

Which coused a big swelling down there ware we don’t like talking about. I joked with my grandson. If they send me home like this I will need a wheelbarrow 😂 one of the nurses said “I have seen bigger 😱😤 But joking apparart I was very lucky in the fact they had diagnosed with renal kidney failure. I was due to be transferred to Leeds where they specialised. But the the cocktail of antibiotics kicked in phew!

Sorry I have rambling on a bit.

Amitriptyline is a pretty armless drug i am sure he will go alone with it. All the best. Let us know how you get on

Ronzy 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🌹🌹


How have you gone on with doctor,Dot2017.


Am Back. Olson back on Amitriptiline

Just half a day. 🤨


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