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Best wishes for 2018

I'd like to wish everyone on this site and all who suffer from an auto immune disease a different kind of New Year. In the middle of all the celebrations I hope you get 5 minutes of peace, calm and quiet to draw breath, summon up your courage and realise you are sooo much stronger than you think you are and even if it's a slow, indirect route, you will find yourself kicking the condition and get where I am (just over a year since my last Pred).

Hoping the next 12 months are full of love and laughter (next best medicine to steroids), have a great New Year everyone X

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Same to you...and everyone else too. 🌻


Well said! Thank you! I wish the same for you .


Thanks for your good wishes and encouragement.


Birm Liz,l wish you and everyone else a happy and healthy New Year,and as you say... full of love and laughter xx


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