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secondary adrenal insufficency

Hello All,

So thankful for your collective wisdom and good humour in the face the awful PMR/GCA. I have a question about secondary adrenal insufficency. I've noticed posts on this topic are usually from those at around 7 mg or a lower dose of pred. Has anyone had this condition occur after trying to reduce too quickly from a high dose, perhaps above 15-25 mg used over years. Just curious, not experiencing, thank goodness. Hope you are all having a good week

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It SHOULDN'T happen until you get below 10mg or perhaps slightly higher. The body naturally produces an amount of cortisol that is equivalent to about 7.5mg pred so since the body doesn't care if it is natural or synthetic corticosteroid everything should function.

However, at higher doses of pred if you are subjected to a stressful situation your body is unable to respond with a spike of cortisol to help you deal with it so you could experience some symptoms like feeling overwrought in response to the situation or panicking without real reason.


PMR. does this mean our brain is not in control of our reactions with all the synthetic stuff sloshing around above 7.5 & we can not be our normal self. Or have I misunderstood this!


The HPA (trio) Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Adrenal.

I quite liked this explanation:



Thanks. jinasc. Too chemical I thought. Our emotional world hits us all & medical science can never capture that! Hopefully! Otherwise we are doomed!!


There are some people who actualy do have psychological problems on pred, but I think for most of us the physical discomfort of PMR/GCA, the disturbed sleeping patterns, and the extra energy it takes for us to do just the ordinary things (because we have to think up new ways to do them due to our new physical limitations), all combine to render us less tolerant of other people's nonsense. And because our systems are not working right, when faced with another level of stress, the response of our systems isn't what we've always been able to expect.

When I find myself getting annoyed, frustrated, anxious or sad, I ask myself "Who's going to care in 100 years?" Kind of puts things into perspective...I can calm down and focus, and sometimes decide it's not important enough to get worked up about.


Not quite sure what you mean? There are various parts to the nervous system. The autonomic is the part of the nervous system responsible for control of the bodily functions not consciously directed, such as breathing, the heartbeat, and digestive processes, and functions to regulate the body's unconscious actions. You have no control over those aspects of your nervous system.


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