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Worry at raised CRP levels

Hi guys. Just come back from a lovely but gruelling coach trip in Scotland with my husband. Have been in a lot a pain, & didnt go outside the door for a week. Dr did a CRP test & it was 10 which worries me. But he said hes sure its just the after effects of the trip & it will go back down without upping my preds. Any comments or advice? 😧

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Hi Maz

He’s probably correct. Give yourself a week of TLC if you can, and you’ll probably be okay. However, if you feel really wiped out, it wouldn’t harm to take can extra mg or two for a couple of days.

In future, take extra with you, so you can take them when you are actually doing more, and try a fit in a bit of rest time! Not always easy if you led by others agendas.


Yes you just dont realise how these things knock us for six! Very frustrating. Never mind, I've a good husband who lays the law down ha ha! Take care 🤗


You can do the travelling, but you have to do more planning beforehand. Plus, personally I don’t think coach holidays are all that restful, too much moving about. You really need a rest day just to flop every so often.


How long have you had PMR? Or is it GCA?

What dose are you on?

I have had a PMR diagnosis for 18 months ( ill for a lot longer, maybe years). I am almost down to 6 mgs using a dead slow method.

I went up to 10 mgs for 2 weeks in September, the stress of working flat out to help my daughter with childcare while she and her husband packed up for a year in Australia. Really didn't want them to go but bit it back.Then going to a Greek Island where our accommodation was up a rocky path on the top of a cliff ( walking only). I had no difficulty dropping back down again 1 mg at a time and resuming my taper.

I'm all for a bit of help and avoiding a full blown flare. Travelling is a killer!


Hi Jane. Ive just PMR diagnosed 2 yrs ago but think i had it longer than that. Im down to 5mg at mo, after several up & downers after flares. So will see what happens now. You take care 🤗


Agree with all the above. For me even a trip to the shops in my mobility scooter provides two days of sheer agony. My PMR is over thank goodness but I still have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

So really it’s a case of how long your pain continues whether you increase your Pred. I would try to battle on if it was me, but the choice is yours alone.

All the best.

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