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Feel Like Giving Up

Thank you SOOOoooo much for all of the well wishes and support.

It has meant a great deal.

I'm worried for myself too...I did try counseling for months. I tried anti depressants too.

I just need to keep putting one step in front of the other.

Took another blow today...laid off after just eight weeks ( of killing myself).

I know it's for the best. Probably a great Company..I wasn't there long enough to make that determination..but my boss was the worst leader of I've ever worked with.

So now, I work on my health again and finding a new job again


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Big hugs. Please keep us up to date on how things go. ❤


Probably a blessing in disguise Bonnig. A bad boss is hell on Earth. I hope the Universe in its wisdom gives you something much better. I think the symptoms of this condition can feel like depression. I find it makes me feel better to separate the real me from the illness in my head. If you understand what I am trying to say. Cherish yourself. There is learning in this suffering sometimes. 🌸


I want to say "sorry about the job", but at the same time, I don't. Bad bosses make for a miserable life. Been there, done that. I am hoping it isn't too much of a financial threat.

In the meantime, get some extra rest, take it easy on the exercise (don't overdo), and basically just stay cool and calm while you search for another position. And another will come along, hopefully a good one.

Look at it as a chance to get better, sooner.

Do keep us updated. We're all rooting for you!


Agree with the others that this is probably a blessing in disguise and do hope this doesn't cause you too many problems financially. From a health point of view you can now concentrate on getting well and have that as your number one priority. Many of us here, as Good grief said, are rooting for you. Keep us informed. Best wishes Jackie

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Good to hear from you Bonnig, we were all hoping you were ok. The job situation is a pain in the proverbial but as the others say, it may prove a blessing in disguise. There are only so many layers of stress one person can deal with in one go.

Keep in touch. You have friends here.


Thank you for letting us know how things are. We were all very worried about you.

I hope something better turns up, job-wise. You deserve that.

Take care, x


Absolutely agree with all that's been said before. All good wishes, hugs and 💐For you.


Hi Bonnig

More of the same from me. My dad who was a lovely quiet Irish man from Co Down who used to say ‘what’s Meant for you won’t go by you’. I will go further and say what is no good for you is no good to you. These conditions feed on stress and we must all do whatever we can to avoid it. Impossible often but even more important that we kick it to the kerb

1. When the stress has been shared to us.

2. When stressing out won’t make a difference to the outcome

Keep communicating through the group on better days as well as bad. You are not alone 🌸


Sounds better - all the best for finding the right niche for you. xxxxx


Here is a link to my yoga relaxation and gentle exercise. Perhaps it will help a bit and it is NOT medication at least!!! sites.google.com/a/apps.hop...


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