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Diagnosed with GCA after a biopsy in early May this year. Started on 60mg Preds immediately. Now on 15mg. Coping ok apart from the dreadful heavy sweating of my head, neck and shoulders. Very embarrassing. I look as though I have just come out of a shower. It first happened about a year ago, well before any diagnosis or symptoms of GCA but is now much worse. Happens most days, often with exertion such as walking and gardening. Rheumatologist thinks it is hormone related and a side effect of the Preds but so far not getting any better. Has anyone else got similar problem?

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  • Hi,

    Personally no, but there are lots that do, so I'm sure they will be along with advice soon.

    The one thing I would say, as an ex GCA patient, you have reduced very quickly - and that may not be helping.

    It is a symptom of GCA (as well as being a side effect of Pred) so maybe you have gone too low on your dose.

    Have you had it all the way through, or has it resurfaced as you've got lower?

  • I was on 60mg for 8 weeks then reduced by 5mg each week until down to 20mg. None of the previous symptoms have so far reappeared. The initial jitters etc have also gone. But the excessive sweating has continued throughout and does not seem to be going away.

  • I think your GP is correct - hormonal.

    But as I was 32 when I a bi-lateral hysterectomy and every sweat gland was knocked out. The surgeon said, 'there is a fortune to be made for someone who can solve that on problem'.

    I have been on HRT since then that helps the night sweats and hot flushes, but not the head, neck and shoulders and you don't sound old enough to have gone through the menopause.

    Extract of sage and Evening Primrose oil can help a bit, but nothing I have tried over the past 40 odd years works completely.

    So I wear sweat band when working in garden or doing housework, two towels to cover pillows (one to swap) beside bed. And loads of hair lacquer (Elnett- should have bought shares in that company) when going out somewhere special.

    If you find a cure or something else helps you, please post it on here............I will be forever grateful.

    Maybe you will be lucky and it will settle down when you eventually reduce the pred..........very slowly............. (and your journey has been fast and could lead to a flare. So do not even think about trying to scamper down........it does not work.

    Above all, your sight is precious, perspiration is a small thing in comparison.

    Me = GCA 5 years, remission coming into 7th year.

  • You're very kind! I went through the menapause starting when I was around 45. I was on HRT for ten years and thought that was brilliant. I only came off it, on my own violition due to the well publicised cancer scares at the time. Now, at 70, realise I have been very lucky at not having any health problems until now.

    Re the use of hair lacquer- how does that help? Presumably the sweat still finds its way down your neck but perhaps it doesn't mess with the hair?

  • Yes, it does not mess with the hair - it just trickles down and is not so obvious from the back.

    I gave up on any make,-up except lippy. How about asking for Premarin.

  • Me neither - but I know plenty who adopted the John McEnroe look to help. Chilled towels a la Australian Open have also been employed.

  • I was in a hardware store yesterday, by the time I left, I was literally dripping sweat from my curls. I looked like I had run a marathon, in the rain.

    On the bright side, I have lots of colorful sweat bands, and my pores are clear🤣

  • Dear Suuha, the sweats are really horrible. I told people I had been swimming!

  • I start the day with poker straightened hair and if any exertion is involved my scalp and temples begin to sweat once it is over. My hair puffs up and kinks. I look like Monika from the Caribbean episode of Friends with a cloud of bushy hair. This is time limited and settles down if I rest. Sometimes dry shampoo can rescue it a bit for later. My husband has always been prone to this kind of overheating ( probably why he is still so slim). He doesn't think it's a big deal. To be honest it doesn't bother me too much but I'm surprised that it is still present on the single figure doses, Submerging your hands and elbows in icy cold water for a couple of minutes stops it in its tracks in an emergency.

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