Swollen abdomen and fluid build up

Could this be polymyalgia related?

My abdomen swells or fills up with liquid. I was constipated but not now. Four litres drained off in hospital. Why? Is it connected to pmg possibly.

After several tests we have drawn blank.anyone have any ideas?even by suggested but nothing else.

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  • If you have PMR symptoms in combination with that sort of problem I really think your doctors should be investigating you very thoroughly. PMR can be a symptom of some types of cancer so I do hope they are not missing something. I'm sorry to have to say this - but better to bear it in mind than not.

  • What types if cancer?

  • If you look up polymyalgia or PMR differential diagnosis you will find some information, but please bear in mind that the presentation of PMR like symptoms with cancer is very rare.

  • Thank you. I see specialist first thing tomorrow morning. Could you advise me on possible types as they don't seem very clued up on this illness and I am losing weight.

  • Here is one site, but please don't stress yourself too much although it's best to be investigated, safe rather than sorry.


  • Hello Sheribrim

    I am sorry to hear of your situation. You must be very worried as I would be, too.

    I am a qualified nurse and I do not think that your swollen abdomen is linked to PMR. It must have been very swollen if four litres was drained. You also mention weight loss but not how much over how long. It may be that you have some form of liver disease or an abdominal cancer.

    I am pleased that you are seeing a specialist today. It may be the start of a number of investigations before you are given a diagnosis which will be a stressful time whilst you are waiting for the results.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    With warmest wishes


  • Thank you Valerie. I felt a lump in groin area size of half a pear when last drained , I will mention again when I see specialist today..

  • Being tested today for ovarian cancer so we will see thank you for your help

  • They are looking for ovarian cancer now thank you for your reply.

  • Heron has given the site I'd have linked to if I hadn't given up for the day - sorry you had to wait. I'm at a conference so limited time in the evening this week.

    The ascites is definitely not PMR- related as Val has said and it is that I'm most concerned about establishing a cause.

  • Thank you so much for your support. Ovarian cancer now being investigated

  • About to be tested for ovarian cancer so we go on another journey thanks pmrpro

  • Hope all goes ok and you get full support. good wishes 🌻🌻

  • All the very best xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hope you can get to the bottom of this...and hope for the best. Come back to the forum and let us know how you are doing. Try to find some distractions...and rest. Best~💕💕

  • How worrying for you Sheribum! I take it that they have thoroughly checked your heart? It's just that a friend of mine had these sort of symptoms because her heart was working inefficiently.

    I dare say that the medics will keep on investigating until they get to the bottom of this. Have you had PMR diagnosed? Are you on Prednisalone?

    Let us know how you get on. Best wishes Jane

  • Yes diagnosed and about to receive plan of treatment at last . I have ovarian or peritoneal cancer (treatment same )not what I wanted to hear but there you are .

  • I'm so sorry that my suspicion was right - I hate being right :-(

    All the very best and do come and tell us how you are getting on.

    Big hugs. xxxxx

  • Well I have a plan!!

    I'm on the rocky road. Abdomen had to be drained twice due to build up of fluid. Protecting the bad guy I suppose!!!

    Now I have three sessions of chemo which are three weeks apart and then if they work an operation will follow🏖. I'm sure it's going to become more difficult but I'm assured that once chemo starts I will not lose hair and will feel much better. So Thursday it is. Just keeping in touch as you asked pmrpro xx

  • Thank you - all the very best

  • It's good you are getting the right treatment now. Hope you feel better soon. All the best.

  • Thinking of you, Sheribrim, that all goes well.

    Love and prayers for a full recovery. xxx

  • There must be a certain amount of relief in at last having a diagnosis and a plan for your treatment. I really hope everything goes well for you. 🌸

  • Thinking of you Sheribrim, positive vibes coming your way! xx

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