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Toe nail

Hi all, only a quicky, has anyone had a toenail off ???

I am up foot clinic this Friday again , they grow so fast ! And the nail next to your big toe has become very thick and hurts a lot.

She has asked me if I want it taken off by just injecting it while I am awake !!!!

I have (silly me again) been on utube and seen how it's done.


She has said they put some stuff on it now which stops the nail growing again.

Just wondering if anyone has had this procedure and if it can cause flare ups with our GCA and PMR ??

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No, don't know, and personally don't think I'd bother thank you!

Not much help, sorry!

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Hi DorsetLady, your not much help πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Thought I would let you know the next 2 days rain here so no putting washing out ! I don't think you should either as you keep taking a chance lol


Adrenaline junkie - That's me! I know how to live!

Got to have some excitement to get me out of bed in the morning!

Can't decide whether to fly down to Rio, or have a cup of tea.... perhaps I'll just have a cup of tea, Rio can wait..along with the washing!

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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I would just go Venice, you can hang your washing out there but not to low !!! β›ΊοΈβ›ΊοΈβ›ΊοΈβ›ΊοΈβ›ΊοΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Yes, had one off a few years ago as it was getting too painful. No problems either with the little op or afterwards.

Had already had a previous op to take out some of the nail sides. Again, no problems.


Wow thank you !!! Was you awake ??? That is what is scaring me as she would like to know Friday my decision if I can. Could you walk ok also without pain or have to be careful a while ???


I used to see people 48 hours later for a first dressing change and they walked in. The limpers were the ones who were pretty crippled by the infection in their toe before the op.

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Yes I was awake, all done with local anaesthetics. No problems walking either - I did take a pair of open-toe sandals with me and used those as the initial dressing was a bit bulky. That came off after 2/3 days and from then I dressed it myself.

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Hello, yes it'll look awful on YouTube. I have assisted a nurse colleague with this op many times. It's not too bad really. We used to put a band round the toe first so it quietly goes a bit numb so that the local anaesthetic isn't too stingy. The stuff to stop the growth is phenol and you won't know it's there after it has been dabbed on to where the nail grows from. Nobody screamed or fainted, even the terrified ones.

Depends why you're having it done as to whether I'd say go for it or not. If you keep getting grumbling infection under the toenail then it is worth doing as with diabetes a focus of infection can lead to bigger things. I would also have it done if you keep having to have antibiotics to keep the toe quiet. However, I don't know what sort of foot clinic it is but anything with diabetes and poking around with feet needs to be assessed by someone well versed in diabetic foot care rather than a normal feet. I would hope that's where you were.


Hi snazzy, yes they are professionals and my toe hurts most of the time because of the thickness now, no infection thank God ! If I knock it I sort of say softly to myself ( so dogs can't hear) blow blow blow

If you hear thunder and lightning it is only me swearing.

I have 4 days now to decide so will let you know x


Professionals yes - but are they experienced in diabetic feet professionals?


Hi, I will definitely find this out first , as I don't want an infection or whatever, thank you for that.


Hi Margaret.

I originally had partial removal of big toenails due to Ingrowing nails and also, due to bone deformity, it felt like a pin was sticking in tips of toes. I had choice of op on my foot or toenail removal, so chose the lesser of two evils. I chose partial initially as I like to wear open shoes and paint my toenails! Partial didn't solve the problem, so had full removal about six months later.

I will give it to you straight. The local anaesthetic is given near the base of the toe. As they inject they pull the toe forwards towards the needle! I remember telling them at the time I thought it barbaric! (I don't do pain well). This WAS painful, but honestly only for a few seconds. Once the anaesthetic took hold I couldn't feel anything. I can't remember being in any pain afterwards so obviously low level and dealt with normal painkillers.

Unfortunately I did get an infection in one toe, despite fastidious daily bathing and redressing regimes. Podiatry visit sorted this out quickly and efficiently. This extended the period that I couldn't wear anything other than flips flops. Had full removal of both big toenails in August, still wearing flip flops in October. Fortunately it was quite a dry Autumn!

If you have mobility issues suggest you ask for help from community nurses for redressing. I was ok but didn't have PMR at the time, and the bathing / redressing is a bit of a palaver.you need a good supply of tubing bandage for fingers / toes!

They cannot guarantee no regrowth, but do put a chemical on to prevent this. My toes do get a bit of regrowth, where the cuticle would be, which needs trimming.

Longer term impact - no pain, both problems sorted. Big toes bit unsightly as I have no big toenail to paint (looks abit like fungal infected toe looks like.) Obviously without toe nail there is no protection so am very protective of my toes, as am now extra sensitive if I stub my big toes or the dogs get excited and jump on them!

Am I glad I did it? Yes for the long term gain, but as I say I wasn't coping with PMR at the time, so only had the toenails to worry about. I also did not / do not have diabetes, but have always been intolerant and a wuss regarding pain thresholds.

Hope this is helpful.


Hi Marilyn,

Thank you very much for that, hmm pain threshold in my PMR and GCA I can cope but it's the unknown I worry about. Thank you for being honest, it will be nice to have no hurting.

I really need to have a word with my diabetic nurse and Doctor as I have also Raynaud's phenomenon.

That particular toe next to big one itches like hell in winter and I have to get a pin and whip it on my skin above the nail to stop itching.

The pain is so bad but it does stop itching !! My nurse goes mad with me but what else can I do, Doctor gives me cream for inflammation but does not do the trick.

Think I am falling apart now 😱

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I would definitely ask about implications for Raynauds especially given period of recovery will take you into Autumn. I say this because my niece has Raynauds which affects her fingers and she says it is worse in cold weather???

Therefore I am wondering whether timing needs discussion. I.e. Would it be better to have toenail removal in Spring, given your circumstances? Just a thought. It may well make no difference whatsoever but thought I'd mention it.


I get it bad with fingers also, i have to get out of my freezer fairly quick ! Yes it is worse in winter toes go really blue ! Don't think I will go the artic for my holidays ! I bet your niece crys like me with pain also, my amytriptyline is suppose to help also as it's all to do with nerves. But, my body laughs at me now as got used to different pills.

I will definitely not give them an answer Friday now until I check all this out as never thought about anything else !

Thank you


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