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Sorry, but I have yet another question/problem. I had my wisdom tooth removed last week and it was wonderful to be rid of the horrendous pain. Then on Friday the pain started up again in the area of the extraction and I had to get to the dentist for an emergency app. The dentist said that the area looked a bit inflamed but that other than that, the socket looked as she expected it to look at that stage. She prescribed antibiotics, with the instruction not to take them unlesss things got worse. Well, by this morning I was in a lot of pain again so have started them. Also last week I had an appointment with rheumatologist. She confirmed that my blood levels had all improved, including a CRP reduction to 1. I was able to confirm that the headaches had gone but also explained that the horrendous dizziness and balance problems were still there. I think she thought that these were side-effects of the steroids and asked me to start tapering from the original 40mg dose to 30mg. In actual fact, I decided to reduce more slowly and now take 35mg with a view to going to 30mg two weeks later.

My problem is that, apart from pain in most of the right side of my face (I presume from the Dry socket), I still have terrible dizziness and pressure in my head and don't know what is causing it. I don't want to have to increase the Pred because the dizziness became really bad once I started the 40mg dose and hasn't eased off during the four weeks I've been on it. Also I understand that the increased dose will hinder the recovery from the infection.

I know I'm asking a lot - and I feel terrible at being such a nuisance- but I'm now getting frightened. There's no point in seeing my own doctor because he knows so little about the illness - that's why I was referred four weeks ago to a rheumatologist- but, because it's the rheumatologist who I saw last week, I don't think she will be of any help either.

So, please can someone help? Thank you.


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  • Please, please stop apologising for posting with your sufferings. Many people benefit from knowing that they are not alone and from the answers too.

    I can't offer help with the specifics of your sensitivity to Pred or the sheer murder of a dry socket. These are questions for your Rheumatologist and dentist.

    I do however recognise the "can't bear it" "I have had enough" feelings. Until I stopped fighting the fact that I'd got this d*mn thing and began to flow with it, I suffered and panicked much more. It's ok to be ill, it's ok to go slower, it will take as long as it takes and I'm not going to die from it. Wishing you all the best fellow sufferer.

  • Thank you SO much for your understanding - the problem is, because my eyesight seems ok, I worry about possible vascular problems. As I've said before, I've got too much time to worry!!

  • The effect of pred on recovery from an infection is overestimated I think - it does affect some people but by no means all.

    Things WILL get better - but it may take a while and in the meantime I'm afraid you have to accept you not only have a serious systemic illness but also are taking a very strong medication with a lot of side effects and rest accordingly. It is hard, we all know it is hard, but only you can deal with it.

    You aren't asking a lot, you aren't being a nuisance. But you will have to learn to relax a bit about it all - because stressing about it will make things even worse. In a few months you will look back and see how far you have come and in a year you won't recognise yourself.

  • Thank you. I really will try to take your advice on board.


  • Hang in there. When I was on 40mg I didn't know what of my dizziness and odd head symptoms were due to GCA or Pred. I now know they were the Pred with me. If it appeared with the 40mg, it may well be Pred for you too. Keep an eye on it but try not to panic.

  • This is where you come when you are at the end of your rope!! Lots of good advice here.

    I would not think the prednisone would make things worse...is that true??...someone that know will respond. Hang in there!

  • Hi, just had a wisdom tooth extracted on Wed last week...no fun!!

    Sorry u have a dry socket, did dentist give you anything for pain...might be time to take those tablets.

    Also my dentist recommended heating a damp hand towel in microwave for 30 seconds, and using on side of face to help ease discomfort. If heat doesn't feel good, try cold compress...looking for the pain relief.

    As for dizziness and pressure in your head...well, a dry socket is in your head, and pain radiates from the site of trauma...therefore your dental trauma could be contributing to your head discomfort.

    It does sound like you are about at the end of your good humor about today's misery...can you manage a nice nap in a quiet room??? Take a little time to pamper yourself?

    I'll bet if someone else was suffering this way, you could offer several comfort remedies....so now is the time to offer those remedies to yourself. We spend so much time taking care of others, and never quite seem to get the knack of caring for ourselves.

    Kind regards, Jerri

  • Thanks for your reply - yes, the dentist prescribed both amoxicillin and paracetamol when I had the emergency appointment on Friday and I'm taking both!! I'm a bit like a walking - or rather, staggering! - pharmacy 😉

  • It's temporary, ...take care, and take it easy today. J😊

  • Does the paracetamol DO anything?

  • Good question, otc remedies may be inadequate for the level of pain that can accompany dry socket. . It would Be appropriate to phone dental oncall service and request stronger pain remedy.

    Let us know..

  • It is also MY question ... as well , PMRpro ! Does it REALLY help with the pain ? I really hope that Jan...will feel better real soon and get some much needed relief from her discomfort and pain.


  • Never has for me! Might as well take a Smartie...

  • In answer to the questions about the effectiveness of paracetamol, I have to say that it's obviously not as effective as the co-codamol which I was prescribed last week but I'm trying not to take them again because the effects of them were almost as bad as the pain! Vicious circle or what?????

  • Even without other things going on, having a wisdom tooth extracted is very painful for many people. I'm surprised you weren't given a course of antibiotics before the extraction that continued for a number of days after the extraction.

    In any case, applying alternating heat and cold may help relieve some of your pain and bring down any swelling that's putting pressure on the nerves at the site.

    If you are really worried about what's going on, get yourself to an emergency room. If it's nothing but normal, there's nothing lost. If it is something, you'll find help.

    And no, you're not being a nuisance. I know it's hard when you don't understand what's happening, but try to stay calm so you can make good decisions about what to do to help yourself.

    Keep us posted.

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I think I should explain that I'd already been on strong antibiotics for over two weeks before the extraction, due to the infection which resulted in the extraction. There were still a couple of days of antibiotics to take afterwards so I was advised to complete the course, which I did. Unfortunately, the Dry Socket developed and so I'm back on them again - and I'm pleased to say they seem to be working. I shall speak with the dentist later today and hope that the improvement continues.

  • There's always that awful time between getting painful, increasing symptoms and taking steps to deal with it ... and waiting .. and worrying whether you've done the right thing, is it enough, is it going to turn into an emergency...

    Existence is a lifelong emergency, I sometimes feel !

    So glad you are feeling a bit better today. Such a relief for you.

  • I think a big problem is that time goes sooo slow when we feel pain or other symptoms. The slower the time feels the worse the symptoms get and so on.

    Distraction is the main tool I use. I can't sit in a quiet room or live in quiet house. I have tv on in main rest rooms and radios in kitchen etc. I surf the net and look up bits of info on daft things. I find solace in tv programmes or books/magazines I know well. And let's face it brain fog allows me to watch same thing more than once. if I have the right body on I mooch around outside or potter. No one ever says stop pottering. It's filling the day that is important so you feel better. As others have said the main thing is to express yourself here to get the support.

  • Such a lovely reply - and sums up exactly how I feel!! I'm determined to have my Positive Head on today - I'll do what I can and try not to worry about the things I can't do.

    And yes, as I've said before, I still feel in awe of the knowledge and support on this forum.


  • I'm so glad you're feeling better. And now for an anecdote that illustrates how scared we can all sometimes get, but this one that may make you laugh...

    During the winter here, I wear rather thick socks inside my boots when it's cold and snowy. On this particular dark morning, I went rooting around in the sock drawer and came up with a pair of nice fleece socks. Delighted, I put them on, laced up my boots, and walked out of the house.

    This was just a few weeks after PMR onset, so new unpleasant things were developing every day. As I was walking down the hill, it felt like I had pebbles or corn kernals under my feet. Of course, my first thought was "Crap, what now?!?" All the way to work (a bus ride, a ferry ride and a half-mile walk), I'm thinking this is the beginning of something that's going to get really bad.

    When I got to the office, I took off my boots to look at my socks and feet, only to find I had donned slipper socks - you know the ones with those little non-skid dots on the bottom!

    So yeah, sometimes we just freak ourselves out. And sometimes it makes for a good laugh.

  • Love it!! Just what I needed to cheer me up on a dull, miserable morning. 😊

  • Jan, I too had a dry socket after removal of a wisdom tooth. The pain was excruciating! Worse than an abscessed tooth. When I went back the dentist packed the tooth and gave me really strong pain killers. I assume the packing was to cover the exposed nerves. It was so long ago I can't remember how long it took to settle down, but I think it was fairly quick after the packing.

    I hope things settle for you soon.

  • Thank you for your good wishes. I'm pleased to say that - fingers crossed - it's getting easier now. I definitely hope I don't have to have any more out!!

  • glad it's got easier. when one of my sockets swelled and was yuk they scraped all gunk out...not a bit of pain and after a couple days forgot I had it done. I actually had to clean mobile phone and photo it so I could see if was infected. wasn't pleasant and first they though my sinus cavity was dropping through. But not a bit of pain thereafter. b

  • Did your dentist pack the socket with some special medicated gauze? The solution is oil of clove and will instantly take the pain away. If the dentist did not do that then either go back and ask/demand that he do that. You won't need the pain pills at all. Otherwise you can find oil of clove at the drug store and make your own. Or better still we here in the U.S. can buy a tooth ache kit and it comes with gauze and a bottle of oil of clove. You might look for that at the drug store.

  • Sounds a good idea. I'll talk to the pharmacist and see if they have a kit. Thank you.

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