How to cope with negative thoughts

This is a very long article about how to manage stressful thoughts. Many here write about how hopless they are, and how useless they feel. The article is written by Bruce Campbell, and it was meant for patients with fibromyalgia, but I think it can work for PMR and GCA too.

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  • Thought this was very good Bittebitt. Liked the process, the suggestion of incorporating positives and negatives not just unrealistic positives. Good to challenge very negative thoughts which will enviably come from time to time and this gives a good format if you're not used to attempting to do this. Thanks for sharing. Jackie x

  • Thank you for sharing the link to this very useful article, Bittebitt!

    Definitely food for thought which I shall be chewing on!

    People within this group are great at headlining helpful information.

    This is a yes-yes for me at the moment!

    I look forward to finding my 'positive' side - which we all need in bucketfuls as we deal with these illnesses..

    I will let you know how I get on!

    Thanks and hope all is well with you! ☺

  • Thank you, Cinka🌺

    I have found the article very useful many times, esp. now, as I'm facing many challenges. I have a very rare type of chronic leukemia wich triggers autoimmune syndromes. PMR is one of them. I have found that concentrating my thoughts on what is still healthy in me, prevents depression. But of course, that doesn't mean that I never think depressive thoughts. It's not that simple. I just try to find ways to outweigh them❤And I'm looking forward to hearing from you🌻

  • Thank you. Bittebitt.

    I hope your health is improving.😘

    I will keep in touch. ☺

  • That is useful Bittebit thank you for posting it. It takes a lot of discipline to banish the snarky voice. Sometimes you just have to notice her then nod her on through.

  • Very helpful. I am giving these ideas a try. Thanks for sharing.

  • Being on my own, I often get bogged down with negative thoughts and feeling sorry for myself. This article, and the links attached to it, is really useful. I've put it in my favourites to look at when I'm feeling low. Many thanks for posting it.


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