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Return from holidays

A couple of weeks ago I asked for advice on going on holiday abroad, and you all gave me great confidence. I have now returned and can tell you that I felt so much better while away and was even swimming in the sea! But only for short periods. My eyes were so much more comfortable too and didn't have to use any eye drops which I had been using several times a day. However, after travelling home for 14 hours door to door I was exhausted and felt that I was back to Square One, but I now know that this can and does pass so will now have to take things more slowly, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. My eyes are now back to feeling so very heavy, does anyone have this problem? Previously I thought that this was nothing to do with PMR but now not so sure, as was all right while away. I took advantage of airport assistance which was marvellous and made the world of difference, even though I felt guilty as look perfectly normal! Thanks for all your help.

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Wonderful. I am so glad you had a great holiday! I am leaving for holiday the second week in July and have been quite nervous, especially since I am traveling with my Dad. The two of us will make quite a pair. Thankfully hubby, who just had a knee replacement is doing better than my dad or me. Unfortunate for him though.

My eyes are itchy and I think it is just allergies. I generally take allergy medicine, yet the docs don't want me to take them right now with the high level of prednisone. Not sure if that helps you.

Thanks for your post.



Hi Kathleen,

So glad you enjoyed your holiday, it does seem daunting beforehand, but it's really worth it, even though you may feel a little shattered afterwards.

I felt a fraud the first time I used assistance, but don't any more. Although over GCA now have arthritic knee(s), so problem is bit more visible! The travelling and hanging about is tiring enough without having to drag yourself through endless corridors with everybody rushing past.

As we well know, you may look normal, but no-one knows what going on inside!


Glad you had a good time!!!

Yes - I wonder if "hayfever" could get the blame - the pollen in the UK will be very different.

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My eyes feel very tired and heavy, along with horrible fatigue when I eat or drink things to which I am intolerant. Was your diet very different while you were away...e.g. Less tea, coffee or dairy products?


Well you are just going to have to move to Turkey! Something there deeply suits you. Glad it went well. It couldn't be a break from the Internet could it?

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