After frustrated and angry, thanks to everyone's advice, I had a great day!

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who posted a response to my Frustrated and Angry post yesterday. I took all the advice to heart and had a great day. I did go on the golf course with the ladies. I rode in the cart, and only played a few short holes (I listened to my body- if the muscles were complaining, I just drove the cart). It was a gorgeous California day. We stopped for a drink afterwards and updated all my friends with what has been happening. They were just happy to see me and were very supportive. Afterwards I went home, crawled up the steps and took a 3 hour nap to wake up and go on a quick dinner date with my hubby. I am feeling it now, yet my spirits are much lifted.

All of you made a difference in helping me during this journey! Thanks again.


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  • That's more like it! 💐

  • Well done TJ! That's what we're here for. To support each other. 🌞 glad you had a happy day. X

  • 😊 good!

  • What a lovely post! So pleased you not only had a lovely day but you've also given so much encouragement to those of us at the beginning of this journey.


  • See - PMR really doesn't have to put an end to life as we know it! You have to adjust a bit - but as time goes on you will be able to do more holes - or, since it isn't a competition, part holes. :-)

  • Great! So pleased you listened to your body, adjusted and enjoyed yourself. Good too that you were able to talk to your friends and explain. Win, win!!!

    Jackie X

  • Lovely! I felt for you yesterday, but could add nothing to the postings already there. Good to know things seem brighter now

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