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Flying/holidays /prednisolone

Hi all, my daughter has just booked a week's holiday for us. Flying out next week to Spain. Can anyone give me any advice on prednisolone. Do I stick to the same dosage, what about time differences for taking meds.

My ankles are swelling most days now, what do I do.

I was a 'snug' fit in the aircraft seat before but since the preds I've put on 3 st. Which will be much much more that 'snug' again any advice.

I will get disabled assistance at the airport and I will rent a scooter out there

Thanks for reading.

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Hi Mar-jay,

Spain's only 1 hour difference so don't need to worry about that. Just make sure you have a few extra Pred in case you need them whilst away. Make sure medication in hand luggage, and I usually take copy of prescription as well.

Just be a bit more careful in sun than usual, but most of all relax and enjoy yourself!

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