Friendly Pheasant seen at Chillesford

Friendly Pheasant seen at Chillesford

Dear Celtic

I've spent the last two hours ploughing through both Janet's and my photograph records on our external hard drive only to find that rather than include it under Chillesford I'd made a new "Folder" and put it under Birds. Anyway you can see he obviously knew that humans pointing cameras meant he had to present himself in the best possible position.

I'm sorry to the Powers at 'B' if I've broken any rules but I have very much appreciated all forum members who have answered my post explaining how I might have acquired this rather peculiar condition. I do have an odd batch of conditions to start with amd am really surprised that I don't rattle each morning after the mass of meds that I take. Add an injection of testosterone each month and the infusion of Zoledronic Acid once a year and I can understand why my innards scream "enough!"

So I thought a little bit of light relief wouldn't go amiss.

Best wishes to all


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  • Can't see how the P's that Be can object to the pictures!

    I think that is a very "We are NOT amused" expression...

  • Oh, he looks so haughty, Colin. Of course a little bit of light relief in the way of such a beautiful photo is always most welcome in the midst of all our problems, so thank you.

  • Gorgeous creature!

    Sorry Colin, I meant the pheasant!

  • Dear DorsetLady. You are a sweety, I had a good laugh and felt a bit better.

    Best wishes


  • Do my best!

    They are beautiful birds, but very stupid, especially in the mating season, but I suppose one could say that of lots of male creatures........................!

    Not me though....!!!!!

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