CPAP machine

I knew with my weight gain I was a candidate for CPAP. Well I took the test and I shocked the nurse reading my report. Let's just say mine was severe sleep apnea.

The only symptom I had was on occasion I would wake up gasping for air.

Well, I have been on it now for a month and what a change. I am getting at least 6 hrs solid sleep and don't feel the need for naps during the day even when I am active.

I lucked out and get to have the Dream Wear by Philips respironics. The hose is attached at the top of my head and I can turn over without it tangling me up. In fact this model is so comfy I don't hardly feel it. It is a tube that goes under your nose and then up both sides of your face and the air hose attaches at the top. It is perfect for those of us side sleepers.

Anyway simply wanted to share how it has helped me with fatigue.

Down to 14 mgs and seem to be getting a few more pains in shoulders so will hold here for awhile.

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  • That is really good news!!! Hope you keep improving!

  • Waiting for hubbys results see consultant 17th this month everyone keeps telling me we will end up in separate rooms because of noise level of machine

  • Can't be much worse than snoring - and at least it is regular - unlike snoring!!!!

  • That's what I think also you can with time tune out noise I grew up with railway line just outside my bedroom window 2large trains went past every night between 2-5am after a couple of months never heard them

  • my machine is so quiet I wonder if it is on so I tilt the nose piece and it swooshes out air. The older models were noisy but new ones are very quiet. It did make a bit of noise when I used it without humidity but even that was tolerable.

    it would be different from snoring because it is a steady white noise instead of intermittent snores.

  • Husband has been using CPAP for 8 years and I can tell you the noise level is very low. Far less than the snoring before CPAP.

  • Congratulations on solving one big health problem. Having PMR is enough to deal with.

    Do you suspect that staying at 14 your shoulders will eventually hurt less, or are you concerned that GOI g down they will hurt more?

  • I am more worried about my GCA. Everytime I go down I get some shoulder pain and a niggling of a headache 🤕. I got to 7 mgs last go around n ended back at 20 to get it all back under control. so I might simply be more concerned than I need to be. it will be so nice when we all can get off this merry go round.

  • Really pleased this has worked for you. Worked really well for him indoors. I think I am also a candidate and am holding back as I am not sure I can quite get my head round us both using a mask and tubes everywhere lol Imagine someone walking in and not knowing what a CPAP is...they might mistake us for aliens!

  • Really good news Lin-Calif . Was wondering the other day how you were getting on XJackie

  • Yeah I have been busy still with my move. It is wonderful in my new community. My main night out is Bingo. We play about 2 1/2 hrs and then I am done.

    Trying to taper from 14 to 13 and today I got the niggling of a headache. And I want a nap for the first time in weeks.

    I never know if it is withdrawal or my GCA talking. How can 1 mg make such a difference.

    Typically once I reach the new dose I have issues for about 2 weeks then everything settles down. My GP warned me to not taper too fast just because I was feeling so good.

    If the headache n fatigue don't ease up I will stay at 14 for another few weeks or so. Today is my second attempt at 13mgs. Last time it was too soon.

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