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another hurdle

Hello friends

Well, the tingling i was experiencing got worse, became difficult to swallow, and blood pressure thru the roof..

Due to fear of stroke with gca I reluctantly went to the Er

no significant signs of stroke, but due to pmr situation ordered mri

Before I went they gave me potassium pills as it was dangerously low, which could have been causing these symptoms.. Said bananas arent enough, and since I take a diuretic I need to supplement.

Then came the shock, as mri showed moderate possibility of ms, due to white plaques

Would fit the parasthesia,

Will see neurology next week, and they did say it could be something else, as had mri mra in sept which I was told was fine. But now I am questioning if that report was misread

So now, with extra potassium on board and expecting call from my rheumi in am

I am going to try to get some sleep .. Think good thoughts that what the radiologist saw was not what the neurologist will see next week.

Staying at 25 mg not going to decrease ,to much anxiety to do that, so now that I know it has nothing to do with tingling and i need not worry about gca blindness Though if ms i would have thought pred would have helped the symtoms... So maybe? its all about the very low potassium.

be well


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Try not to worry to much as you say it could be just low Potassium and supplementing could sort it out .

Please let us know how you get on .

Fingers crossed

Best Wishes


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Good luck, Galp. Possibie it's the potassium.

Onan MRI of my back a few months ago, an area of high signal shows at T1. I have not had a significant diagnosis of this, yet. I know that one of the possibilities is MS. Worried, too.

Please let us know your outcome.


Good wishes to feel better, Galt. <3

Also, you mentioned tingling hands --?

This was one of the first symptoms I experienced, last Friday, which sent me to the emergency room in NYC, U.S, for what turned out to be among other thongs a GCA flare with left eye partial vision loss.

Very scary.

Had been walking in a suddenly hot (80+° F) sun, when my hands started tingling, in a major way, suddenly hard to swallow and breathe. At the ER, had the vision loss later ( resolved by higher pred).

Never any resolution of the heavily tingling hands and rosy, itchy cheeks.

Trying to sort it out, now, along w doctors Who have been effective in the past.

So glad you are feeling better. I hope it continues. Am about to take a supplemental dose of pred, will include a potassium tablet.

Thank you so much for your information.

To all of our health



What a frightening time you are having! Everybody is rooting for you. Let us know the outcome. I'm off to the supplement shop! 🌸

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Thank you, i need the support for sure.. I too getting my pottasium script filled

Better from the dose in hosputal yesterday!


I am so sorry to hear about your problems,I can't help with the answers you seek,but I will keep you in my thoughts I hope results turn out ok for you.Try to stay positive.gentle hugs coming your way.xx


Thank you so much. I am taking the reins this morning, and getting appts lined up.

And symptoms better with Potassium supplements, so thats hopeful.

Love hugs..


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