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Advice please

Hi everyone I need a bit of advice once again ,as I have said recently after writing to doc and trying to explain myself about problems she was very helpful and told me to put steroids up from 8-15 mg and she would phone back in two weeks the extra 7mg has helped but what I am finding now mornings are still painful although not as bad as before afternoons get a bit better is there anything I can do myself that you know if I can do to help myself haven't been outside the house since November have managed to get to daughters car then from there into a wheelchair to hospital appointments would so like to be able to walk on my crutches into the hospital as I have spine problems that doesn't help but that has nothing to do with the pain I am in with pmr

Any ideas anyone what does pro think about maybe asking to put steroids up thanks

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What about trying taking, say, 1/3 before bed and the rest in the morning? That may be enough to make the morning less worse (if you see what I mean) and by improving the start of the morning there is less for the rest of the dose to combat. It does sound as if the pred effect isn't lasting the full 24 hours for you. If that doesn't work - you may have to ask for 20mg and split the dose as well. Once the PMR is under control you can look for a lower dose that is enough - but first you have to sort out the overall situation.


Thank you very much I will try that

I have a habit of waking up at about 5 and reading book it's not so bad then so perhaps I will try taking 5 then and ten about 9 that sound ok


I think you have to just experiment a bit. Lots of people do take their pred about that time and settle down for another couple of hours by which time it is starting to work. I can only report what others have found helpful as I have never had a problem - taking it once a day lasts until the next morning and I now use Lodotra which I take at 10pm but it is the equivalent of taking it at 2am, which is when the tablet breaks open and deposits the entire dose for absorption.


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