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To those who had the temp biopsy, Did you have any issues in regards to the incision site

Glue was used to close the outer layer, and it is not red, but it is swollen and seems to be getting more tender.than it was last week, it was done last Friday.

I do pad my glasses and try not to sleep on that side, but I know I do.

The reason I as is that scalp around it is tingly and I am aware of that area.

Having had a neg biopsy, and just coming down from pred 40 to 30' I am having hard time thinking if its the incision or GCA. I know they asked me about scalp tenderness This was not a symptom I had before. The tingling does go beyond the site.

Trying to sort these things makes me fell daffy, or I should say dafier .

be well


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  • I would think that the tingly sensation around the scar could well be that the nerves that were damaged during the procedure are protesting, as they do after any operation. The area supplied with blood by the temporal artery itself will also play some role in the discomfort. The scalp pain you get with GCA is strange - for me it hurt to comb my hair, and was pretty much all over the top of my head. I'm sure someone else will comment how they felt though.

    However, if you feel the scar itself is more painful than it was I think it would be fair to get a medical opinion in case it is infected. It would be a holiday weekend wouldn't it!!!!

  • Thanks makes sense!

    I will keep an eye on site, True enough,about holiday weekend

    I hooe you enjoy yours.


  • With wounds it takes longer than you think. If you have any inflammatory process left with Pred, it reaches a peak at 48hours then dies down a bit. The doc has cut through nerves in the skin and a thick underlayer to get to the artery and this will have a run of stitches along it as well. Nerves aren't too good about being messed with and often are not quite the same again, so sometimes people will feel pain but it still feels numb. One can also touch one bit and get a sensation somewhere else, so wound pain can be felt away from the cut too.

    Wounds are usually noticeably tender for about two weeks with the first week being the worst. My own GCA wound from 3 weeks ago was like that too. Wearing glasses definitely upset the surface. I have no pain to touch it now but along the way I've had a tugging sensation, tingling, stinging, aching and itching; all normal wound things.

    Mine is still a bit pink where the dissolvable sutures go into the skin. This is normal, probably because it is a forgein body and not welcomed. Glue will drop off in its own time. Mine came away in two bits when I found them stuck in my hair.

    The area will have some swelling but should subside after about 10 days. If it is increasing, get it looked at.

    In my experience, infection peaks around 5-10 days and any new or increasing pain should be checked out, especially with increasing swelling and definitely if there is any oozing. Going by redness only is not a good guide when you are on Pred because that suppresses it.

    If it was last Friday, I'm not surprised with any of opyour symptoms. My rule of thumb is if it comes and goes it's ok, if it keeps on and on or is worsening, get it looked at.

    Good Luck

  • Thanks for reply, you describe sensation perfectly! Really helps

    Interesting about redness and pred, I think its fine but will watch

    Have a good weekend


  • I had no real significant pain with my biopsy. However, as always, the surgeon said the discomfort level varied from person to person. I would definitely see the Dr. If your pain increases or doesn't go away soon. And yes, it's always on the weekend.

  • Will do. Thank you☺️

    Be well


  • I had a biopsy in 2015. I didn't have any scalp tenderness before op but it started following op. It has only just gone.

  • Thank you !

  • Duh - brain fog!!

    It is the superficial temporal artery which gives off frontal and parietal branches to supply much of the scalp - and the superficial temporal artery is the one which is biopsied!!!

    So immediately after the biopsy there is a large area of the scalp which is not receiving as much blood supply as it should - and that is what causes the scalp pain and tingling. It stops once a collateral circulation has formed - i.e. when the other local arteries have grown to take more blood to the areas needing it.

  • ok, feels good to know why something is happening, What a wealth of information you are, Thanks

  • Thanks. In my case it took it has taken 22 months to grow some new tracks..... 😉

  • Yes - in the legs in peripheral vascular disease for example it happens slowly over a long time in response to exercise, rather more difficult to encourage it in the scalp ;-)

  • And isnt it something that no one , at least in my case tells you this,, esp when telling you to watch for signs of GCA ..

    So on this beautiful morning in the states, I wish you all well and again express my gratitude for this site


  • I personally had no problem at all when I had my biopsy. Can't remember much pain at all. I suppose we are all different and I must have been lucky.

    Hope you are soon recovered


  • Hi Jean

    Thanks and glad you did well, and was yours negative?

    Its tender at site, but mostly a tight creepy crawly sensation, which i

    think from what I have read can happen

    I will say over all better , more productive mornings and afternoons by taking 30 mg pred at 2 am, usually up,to,change drenched clothes about then..and the headache I was having way lessened first day off of of anti virals So feels like going in right direction.

    Hoping you are too


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