Taking the tablets... Am I the only one who's done this?

At breakfast yesterday morning I went to take my 9mg Pred. I put 1x5mg tablet and 4x1mg tablets all together in the palm of my hand, threw them into my mouth and downed them with a drink of water. Or so I thought, until I became aware of one of the tablets bouncing off my chin and falling onto the floor. The pesky thing managed to hide until a full search party (me, my husband and my daughter) found it lurking behind a table leg. Meanwhile however, I was left wondering whether it was the 5mg tablet or one of the 1mg tablets I had dropped, and whether I had actually taken 8mg or 4mg of Pred instead of 9mg. (My husband and daughter did laugh and question how I managed to miss my mouth... I will deal with them later!)

This morning I have started a new routine - I take the 5mg first, and only after I've swallowed it do I then take the 1mg tablets - that way I definitely know what I've taken. Sorted!

Now to sort out my husband and daughter :-)

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  • Hi Janet - that's what I do with my prednisone in the morning. I'm going to take what you said on board and take the 5mg first then the 1mg ones now.Thanks for sharing 👍

  • Hi,

    Been there! Even more of a pain with only one eye!

    It would be helpful if there was some significant difference between the two - colour or shape - that's surely is not beyond the wit of the boffins! But I guess it comes down to money- as always!

    As for your husband and daughter - sounds very familiar!

  • Oh gosh, yes, with one eye it must be even worse! My 5, 2.5 and 1are all different colours (Gastro resistant enteric coated) and it does make things easier.

  • Hi again,

    Yes that's true, mine were the white uncoated ones!

    Don't get me started on trying to thread the needle on my sewing machine! Sometimes it happens first time (pure luck) other times - if I had the strength it would be sailing out the window - like a true rock star🎸🎸- or maybe not!

  • Lovely, Janet, I'm trying to picture it! Maybe you need some adult supervision for this delicate exercise?

    Confession time - I've done that too (but don't tell anyone, my cred will be blown) :-D

  • Hi Janet, I seem to do just that at least twice a week, thought I'd learned by now. As for your family...good luck with that one lol. My worry is that my two lovely dogs are much quicker than me and very often find the missing tablet before me, fortunately they understand the desperate shout of LEAVE!, why is it that pmr makes you do everything in slow motion? frustrating.

  • I have done the same thing! My pills all look just about the same and it gets very tricky doesn't it.

  • Since moving to 4.30am Preds, Ive found placing each tablet onto a spoon of yogurt. I can see them all, they don't fall of and I can enjoy the yogurt.

    Happy Easter

  • Oooh... I like this idea very much! And I can do it at breakfast time. Thanks David!

  • Better not use white yog for white tablets though...

    I eat my peas with honey,

    I've done it all my life.

    It makes the peas taste funny

    But it keeps them on the knife...

  • Been there done that, but I take a whole hand full of meds in the morning and have had to have my husband crawling on the floor searching for whatever pill it was that didn't make it in my mouth.

  • The lwph is common in our house....little white pill hunt. Always worried that our cat (who will not take his own pills) will find it first and be cantakerous enough to lap it up! Why oh why can't they be two different colours and sizes! The pills I mean, not the cat!

  • I'm so glad its not just me! Thanks folks

  • It's a whole new world isn't it? Used to be contact lenses people crawled around the floor looking for!

  • I managed to sweep five pills off the kitchen counter (white) and then had to search the floor for them. Thankfully the floor is dark grey. Still had to look in all the nooks and crannies to find the last one.

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