White patch moving along below teeth on gum

My dentist noticed a white on my gum in between a tooth , she sent me to dental hospital who thought it was nothing to worry about and told me to come back in 6 months , I noticed it then under the next tooth about a month later , went back to dentist she said it didn't look preying bu would send a letter to the hospital asking to get me back sooner still waiting for the appointment and it's spread a little more anyone else come across this problem the dentist said prednisalone over a long period can cause these soft tissues in the mouth to get damaged , I have been on pred for nearly 2 years and am now down to 2 mg. I am finding it very worrying to say the least as many types of oral cancer can show up like this and time is of the essence to sort I out , any thoughts or experiences of this within this community ?

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  • I assume the dentist doesn't recognise it as typical of oral cancer? Because if they DO it should be an emergency appointment - not just waiting for the NHS to grind its way there.

    Ask your GP.

  • She did not seem to worried , but said would get it followed up , she gave these white patches a name which I can not prenonce but said they are common 🙀 I have never seen them before

  • Did she call it leukoplakia? (Loo-ko-plak-ee-ah)

  • Yes , I did hear that word amongst others when she was trying to decide what it might be .

  • One cause is from thrush - which is not unusual when you are on pred.

  • Wouldn't the guns be sore or have some form of discharge , not sure if I am paranoid but all I seem to have is a headache , earache and a sensation in my jaw that isn't painful but not normal if that makes sense

  • Headache/earache/jaw sensation and PMR = suspicion of GCA, never mind anything else.

  • That never crossed my mind with the Gum trouble , question is at what stage do you do something about it , all the pains I have are bearable and actually the ear ache comes and goes as does the headache . Sat on the fence so to speak as to my next actions dentist app or phone Rheumy . ? Advice please , I have a pretty good reduction on the pred sense the beginning is it possible GCA could just come out of no where ?

  • Masterly inaction I think for he moment. But you know what to look for.

  • I had a blood test a week ago and my ESR and CRP were 1 , doctor was very happy with it , could the headaches just be stress related , I am concerned constantly told by my wife I am a worrier. 😩

  • Absolutely!

  • Hi there. I had a similar thing before pmr. It was diagnosed as lichen plants which is yet another autoimmune response to something. Had a biopsy taken and was given a steroid mouthwash which eventually cleared the problem. Ask your dentist if that is a possibility?


  • Sorry it should say Lichen Planus.

  • Thanks Liz , I should be having an emergency appointment at the dental hospital very soon I will put it to them then . 👍

  • My 'absolutely' remark was in reply to PMRpro saying'suspicion of GCA'.


  • Hi Karools, Did you pick up on the symptoms yourself or your Rheumy /GP. And where the symptoms severe ? Currently just got a muggy head ache if you know what I mean .

  • i WAS WORKING AS A LIVE-IN CARER, AND 1 NIGHT i THOUGHT MY HEAD WAS BEING CHOPPED OPEN! I had no idea what the matter was, and rushed to the surgery the following day.The dr admitted he didnt know what the matter was. My BP was very high. He put me on a steroid plan, and referred me to a Neurologist, with whom I have been, until recently, for 12 years. I am on the DSNS method, tapering to 2mg.There was no warning sign/stress.

    In my case, I could not lie down, had to sit up/get up.Steroids have been my life-saver.

  • 12 years is a long time to be dealing with such a condition , but I guess when it strikes you don't have much choice . I will keep a close I eye on it the next few days , if the headache gets worse or any other symptoms get worse I will give my Rheumy a call straight away . It's such a mine field , it's never straight black or white . If the experts struggle to diagnose what chance have we got .

  • I only knew about this forum last year. Had I known of it sooner, I could, probably, have dealt with things better, eg weight, and simply reading what others are going/gone through. I am over the worst.

    Keep plugging away until you do find somebody who does know and can help you.

  • Thanks Karools , good luck

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