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This is a bit off tangent but I thought I would give it a go. For the 2yrs leading up to my diagnosis of GCA I was constantly back and forward to my GP with the same symtoms that were increasingly getting worse. I was always fobbed off and it wasnt until May 2015 when I suddenly lost the sight permanently in one eye that they realised what I had. The GCA has led to other health problems and basically my life has been devastated including being medically retired form my job in the NHS. Everyone is urging me to sue for medical negligence and it is only now that I feel strong enough to consider it. I am just not sure if I want all the hassle and have no idea if I can prove it as it all depends what the doctor wrote down on my visits. Has anyone else been in this position? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Sorry to hear this. Well, you have a long way to go before you are committing yourself to anything, so I'd suggest fact finding. In my experience of having suffered two entirely unrelated mishaps, I found that in the end I just needed an apology and closure. However, I suffered no loss of a vital part or income. Doing nothing at all may make it fester.

Citizens Advice is a start


NHS complaints Patient Advocacy might be a first stop though


Small steps and reassess along the way.

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I am so sorry that you have lost the sight in one eye.

The trouble with GCA is that it is quite rare. I was told, when diagnosed, I was 1 in 50,000). In my own GP practice I was the first one ever, I was lucky one of the partners had come across GCA over 30 years ago when just starting her career and it was not recognised and that patient had lost their sight and she never ever forgot that incident.

The basic reason for setting up PMR&GCAuk and support groups was to raise awareness and progress has been made over the last few years.

However, sadly, whilst much progress has been made in raising awareness, partial or total loss still occurs.

PMR&GCAUK have made great strides and this link pmrgca.co.uk/content/gcagui... is well worth a read.

As SnazzyD said, small steps and reassess along the way.


Off topic re GCA - except to say I am so sorry you have gone through what you did, and unnecessarily so - but on topic about medical negligence....abou 6 or 7 years ago I had a GP who ignored all my abnormal blood work and symptoms, telling me I was just depressed and needed to get out and ride my bike...long story short I ended up in renal failure and biopsy showed 30% function....and that I'm stuck with....my new GP asked if I wanted to report him but I didn't, mainly because even to this day I have not had the energy but also I didn't know how to prove it......but I think more people should at least as SnazzyD said to do some fact finding and go from there....but there is too the stress you might experience and to weigh up the pros and cons....best of luck whatever you decide....



Fact finding, as you have been advised, is essential. 1) If you can, find someone who will either do it all for you or, at least, help and someone who is not as emotionally involved as you quite rightly are. 2) You may find you're up against the BMA and they are a pretty closed shop but, of you have the energy, go for it because as I have found in the past ( on an unrelated matter), you may end up frustrated and angry because you let it pass. Good luck .


Thank you so much to everyone who has replied both by pm and on the site. I really appreciate all your help and kindness. Its meant a lot. x


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