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Hi everyone, I haven't posted in quite a while..Brief update, I have GCA now for 1yr and 10 mo, started at 60mg and finally down to 6mg. Doing good on 6 and hoping to get off this sometime Jan or Feb depending how things goes. Reason for writing, I just found out that my daughter in law's father had GCA and it has been 14 yrs since with no flares. He told me he started on 80mg and within 6 months he weened himself off Pred ...couldn't take the side effects. He had the temple biopsy and had GCA. I was so shocked to hear this and how he could get off so quickly. I thought I would share and therefore give hope for all of us...There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Any thoughts on how this can be in remission so quickly are welcome. Bert0403

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  • I am speechless and that is rare for me.!! Good for him...somebody "up there" must like him.

  • Has anyone else noticed that it seems to be the guys that reduce more quickly than the girls ??

  • Yes, it's been mentioned, certainly by me, that the guys have an easier time with PMR/GCA than the dolls. They often don't get the full on symptoms as we do, and they find it easier to reduce Pred with fewer flares. Hormonal?

  • I made Club Zero in about 1 year, so am not too surprised, although 6 months must almost set a record? Not too sure if I rushed it just to get rid of side-effects as I still suffer aches and pains. Could be old age though as I hit 80 soon!! Hope it goes well on your final run in.

  • Bert, lucky lucky him! And especially lucky to have been in remission for as long as 14 years after such short-term treatment. He must have a guardian angel.

    I was with a gentleman at the weekend who has just recovered from his second bout of GCA - I'm sure he would love to know the secret!

    Great to hear such a success story as it does offer hope to everyone - thank you for sharing, and I hope you also continue smoothly to remission.

  • Thanks everyone for your replys. ..wish it was so simple for all of us...good luck to all..bert403

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