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Stasis dermatitis and Neurontin

I have had stasis dermatitis in my lower right leg for several years and my doctors have been able to manage it and sometimes it even goes away! Use cream, elevation support stockings etc. but it has been getting worse in the last 6 months. I also had shingles a few years ago and occasionally I ha have recurring pain and itching there. I had itching and burning last week and began taking Some Neurontin I had and my stasis dermatitis seems to be better can Neurontin possibly help that?

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Re your legs - have you ever had your legs Doppler tested? If you are wearing Class 2 or 3 compression hosiery you should have done by now. If you are still on Class 1 then it would be worth getting a Doppler to see if you need to upgrade. The purpose (you may well already know) is to check for sufficiency of arteries to take the compression and to see extent of venous insufficiency. If the hosiery is bought over the counter, it will be no more than Class 1. It is also common for allergies to the leg creams to develop, particularly creams rather than ointments as they have more preservatives. I have seen many people become allergic to supposedly benign Aqueous cream and Lanolin. If your legs are getting very scaley, then a urea containing emollient may be better. Hopefully your GP/Practice nurse will have this hand, but I often see patients who have had mild varicose eczema which they self manage but it rarely stays the same for ever. It also depends on your nurse team's expertise as some surgeries do their own Dopplers in-house.

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I have exactly the same thing, lower right leg, when I first started on prednisone it almost cleared up but now it is back, apart from putting moisturiser on it I leave it alone, I haven't heard of Neurontin , I will have to look that up .




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