Chest Xray ?

HI, I wrote some posts on Health Unlocked some time ago when I was living in Nicaragua but on the verge of returning to the UK.

I am back now and due to putting myself on steroids whilst in Central America my bloods are not showing any inflammation. However, my doctor is sensibly treating me for PMR as I have all the symptoms. She has asked me to go the local hospital for a chest Xray as this is something they do for suspected PMR?

Has anyone heard of this and is it really connected to PMR or just to rule other things out?

As always I cannot thank everyone enough who participates in this forum. The information and support is invaluable.

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  • My rheumatologist got me to have a chest xray for PMR.

  • I had X-ray Jan , about the time I was diagnosed .

  • I had X rays taken twice when diagnosed

  • I had an X-ray when I first presented with symptoms, but I thought it was because I also mentioned a cough!

    Good to hear you are back safely. I hope the steroids eased your journey home.

  • My understanding is that theXray is to check for aortic aneurysms, which could have been caused by Large Vessel Arteritis (a close relative of GCA). I've never been offered one after 14 years on Prednisolone or PMR!

  • Neither did I!

  • My last reply should have said "Large Vessel Vasculitis", abbreviated LVV not Arteritis, although maybe they are the same?

  • Arteritis is specifically arteries - vasculitis includes all blood vessels in the term but I'm not sure you get much in large veins. All LVV I can think of is in arteries but you do get small vessel vasculitis that affects veins.

  • I imagine it is to rule things out. And you are a new patient who has been living in some strange foreign country - you might have caught something nasty!

  • I was given my xray when I first saw a new rheumie after a couple of years. She gave the impression she was just checking generally.

  • My rheumy got my GP to arrange a chest X-ray too.

  • I've had routine X-rays done about 3 years apart since diagnosis.

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