Pred reduction

Hi all hope you had a great day, weather helped. Anyway, I went to gp today because if I try to reduce below 5 mg I get a terrible feeling as though I'm being crushed and I'm also very breathless on movement. Pmrpro advised me to get checked over to be on the safe side. The gp has arranged for me to have another blood test to see what level the inflammation is at the moment and if it's at a reasonable level she's going to put me on 4mg pred but I have to take 1mg throughout the day instead of all at once in the mornings.

Blood test now booked for two weeks time and I'll let you know how this type of reduction goes.

If anyone has tried it this way can you let me know how you got on.

Enjoy your weekend 😀


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no i have not tried that way but tryed every way i could but nothing works for me'i am just givivg up


I'm going to try it, nothing ventured and all that 🙂

Thanks for reply, and don't give up🙂 Time is the great healer and hopefully we will all get through this journey 🤞🏻

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Please dont give up! Took me 5 years


What do you mean you are giving up ballyboy? What dose are you on?


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